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Prestop order kiosks in all Prénatal stores.

Prénatal was founded in 1959, in the Netherlands, and is the largest specialist of products for mother and child. Prénatal has city stores, megastores and a webshop with a large assortment.

The road to Prestop

Prénatal was looking for a specialist in the field of interactive solutions. They were looking for a solution that would contribute to their omnichannel strategy. In addition, Prénatal preferred one party that takes care of everything from A to Z, both for the software and hardware. They quickly arrived at Prestop. On our website they saw that we already delivered various interactive solutions to clients within the retail sector, which was one reason for a visit to our Interactive Experience Center.


Daniel Dunk, e-commerce manager at Prénatal explains, "For Prénatal's stores, we were looking for a solution that contributes to our omnichannel strategy and helps our store associates serve the customer even better. After visiting Prestop's Interactive Experience Center, we knew for sure that we wanted to install order kiosks in the stores."


Prestop's solution.

Prénatal chose to install a Prestop order kiosk in all 46 stores. The kiosk has a 24" PCAP edge-to-edge touchscreen with a built-in barcode scanner and ATM. Through the order kiosk, customers can scan items to view the corresponding product page through the webshop and have the option to order items and pay directly. Customers can email themselves the product page (URL) and subscribe to the newsletter via a form.

"Prestop unburdens us by taking everything off our hands; they provide the hardware, set up the skin and safe display of the webshop with SiteKiosk, link with ATM and barcode scanner, support and management of the order kiosks. For Prénatal, they even provided the planning and organization for the total rollout of the kiosks."
Daniel Dunk - E-commerce Manager Prénatal

Prestop has now completed the rollout and we have placed order kiosks in all 46 Prénatal stores in the Netherlands. In some megastores, there are even two order kiosks in the store. The order kiosk displays the Prénatal webshop with the complete range of Prénatal and its A-brands, from the smallest need to a complete children's room. The order kiosk is used to view the complete assortment and order an item not in stock in the store. Also, a complete baby outfit is often ordered and paid for via the order kiosk, then the customer never has to worry about whether it will fit in the car, and it is delivered free of charge to their home.

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