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Luxury and Convenience: Order with Style at Kappé at Schiphol

Regarding luxury and customer experience, Kappé's stores at Schiphol are the ultimate destination. Operating under the Shopping at Schiphol name, Kappé has been providing travelers with the best in perfume, cosmetics, and sunglasses since 1950. With their wide range of A-brands, Kappé offers passengers a shopping experience that surprises, inspires, and convinces them daily. From their luxurious look and feel to their emphasis on customer contact, Kappé ensures every customer leaves with an impression.

Kappé has gone a step further in providing customers with even better service by introducing Prestop order kiosks. These kiosks allow travelers to order their desired luxury products easily without walking through the store. Instead, customers can use the order kiosk to look up products, obtain information, and place their orders. Once the order is confirmed, it will be delivered to a special service kiosk where customers can collect their order and pay for it.

With this new addition to their service, Kappé is providing travelers with a shopping experience that is both convenient and luxurious. And they aren't stopping there. In the future, Kappé's order kiosks will be equipped with even more interesting features and functions to optimize the service element for the customer further.

Experience the Luxury and Convenience of Kappé at Schiphol

If you're traveling through Schiphol, visit Kappé's stores and enjoy their luxurious shopping experience. With their emphasis on customer contact and new Prestop order kiosks, Kappé is committed to providing customers luxury and convenience. Whether in the market for perfume, cosmetics, or sunglasses, Kappé has everything you need to look and feel your best while traveling. So, order with style at Kappé and experience the luxury and convenience for yourself!

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