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 Using Industrial Kiosks to Improve Work Efficiency in the Automotive Industry: Faurecia's Partnership with Prestop

Companies in the highly competitive automotive industry always look for ways to improve their production processes and increase efficiency. Faurecia, a significant player in the industry with production facilities in 35 countries, has found a solution in industrial kiosks provided by Prestop.

Design and Features of the Faurecia Kiosk

Prestop, a company specializing in interactive kiosks, has designed and produced a 32-inch touchscreen industrial kiosk for Faurecia. The kiosk features fully hardened glass on the top with no bezel and a protective bracket on the bottom. Additionally, the kiosk is dustproof, making it ideal for a working environment where cleanliness is crucial.

Application of Faurecia's Kiosks

Six kiosks have been strategically placed in different workspaces throughout Faurecia's facility, where they display interactive work instructions using PADS. This configuration and interactive work environment have been developed by Prestop Creations. One of the advantages of this setup is that the content displayed on the kiosks can be adjusted and managed remotely, which is helpful for Faurecia's operations across multiple locations.

Benefits of Industrial Kiosks in Automotive Production

Using industrial kiosks to display work instructions, Faurecia has improved efficiency and accuracy in its production processes. The kiosks provide a user-friendly interface that allows workers to access the information they need to complete their tasks quickly. Additionally, the interactive nature of the kiosks ensures that workers can easily navigate the instructions and better understand the process they are working on.

Furthermore, the kiosks help to reduce the risk of errors and increase safety in the workplace. With work instructions displayed clearly and precisely on the kiosks, workers can avoid mistakes that could harm themselves or others. The kiosks also ensure that all workers access the same information, reducing the risk of miscommunication and promoting consistency in the production process.


In summary, Faurecia's partnership with Prestop has resulted in implementing of industrial kiosks that have significantly improved their production processes. The kiosks' user-friendly interface, remote management capabilities, and interactive nature have contributed to increased efficiency and accuracy, reduced errors, and enhanced safety in the workplace. As the automotive industry evolves, industrial kiosks will undoubtedly play an increasingly vital role in optimizing production processes.

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