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Prestop's Industry business unit specialises in the design and manufacture of products suitable for use within the industrial environment and for use on logistic/outdoor sites.


Depending on the circumstances, the enclosures, intranet kiosks and registration kiosks are dustproof, waterproof and resistant to direct sunlight.


Each environment is slightly different, as are the peripherals that must be built into the intranet kiosks, for example.

Frame Outdoor Touch Kiosk

Stainless steel/Inox

Besides being powder-coated, the products can also be produced in stainless steel/Inox in various thicknesses and types.

Housing Interactive Outdoor Kiosk

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The IP value indicates the extent to which electrical appliances are protected against solid objects and water. An IP value always consists of two digits.

What do the numbers stand for exactly? The first figure indicates the protection against solid objects. The second digit indicates the degree to which the device is protected against water.

The first IP figure:

  • IP 5x = Complete protection against contact with live parts (i.e., wiring) and at the same time harmful accumulation of dust. Dust may penetrate but does not affect operation.
  • IP 6x = Complete protection against contact with live parts (i.e., wiring) and against the ingress of dust.

The second IP figure:

  • IP x0 = Not protected.
  • IP x1 = Protected against vertically falling drops of water.
  • IP x2 = Protected against water drops falling at a maximum angle of 15°.
  • IP x3 = Protected against water drops falling under a maximum angle of 60°.
  • IP x4 = Protected against water splashing from any direction.
  • IP x5 = Protected against water jets with low pressure from any direction.
  • IP x6 = Protected against strong water jets from any direction.
  • IP x7 = Protected against temporary immersion in water (15 cm to 1m deep). Test duration: 30 min.
  • IP x8 = Protected against long-term immersion in water under pressure.

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Prestop is a Value Added Manufacturer. This means that we have a lot of knowledge about ICT and applications. Many of our industrial products are used by software partners.

Are you also a supplier of industrial software applications and looking for a partner for the hardware? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. We would be happy to showcase your applications in our Interactive Experience Center and refer end users to you.

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