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Three advantages of large format kiosks

Large format kiosks can be used for various applications, the most common being check-in, wayfinding, and presenting at trade shows with websites or presentation software such as Omnitapps. You can often find these kiosks in more significant areas that benefit from interactive maps, such as shopping malls and airports, as well as locations where some form of check-in is required, such as hotels and medical facilities. Below we discuss situations where large-screen kiosks may be a better alternative than their smaller-screen counterparts.


Visibility is essential when companies choose to go with large touchscreen kiosks rather than smaller screen options. One advantage of a larger screen is that it can display more detail on the screen. This is especially useful for wayfinding, as more detailed maps provide access to deeper exploration by users.

The sleek and slim design of large screen kiosks also makes them easier to integrate into various decor styles. And their relatively small footprint makes placement much easier, as these kiosks can often fit into spaces where bulky kiosks cannot. For example, Prestop has done this for Show me Caribbean done. Visitors can discover Curaçao on the 32" Evolution kiosk.

The larger screens also act as beacons, both attracting the attention of passersby and making them easier to find for those who intentionally seek them out. Adding lighting and color increases the likelihood that they will be noticed. The yellow key locker kiosk that we have provided for the automotive industry certainly serves that purpose.


When a customer or visitor is drawn to a kiosk with a large screen, what is the purpose of the kiosk? Sometimes customers prefer a large screen because of its appearance. It can be pretty impressive. However, the kiosk is better suited for the intended application in other cases. Large-screen digital kiosks can be used for any application. At Prestop, we often see our large format kiosks used as information and order kiosks for indoor and outdoor use. Wayfinding provides interactive maps for users with features that enable digital navigation of physical locations. Popular locations for wayfinding kiosks include airports, trade shows, university campuses, medical facilities, resorts, shopping malls, theme parks, and public transportation hubs. Check-in kiosks, often found in hotels, medical facilities, and other locations, allow visitors, guests, and patients to register their arrival independently.

outdoor totem big screen
information column large format exhibition
information screen



Many kiosks with large screens are designed to be more accessible to people in wheelchairs. Notches are available, and the screen can start lower for easier access.

When investing in a kiosk for your business, consider your desired visibility, functionality, and accessibility. A large format column may be the perfect solution.

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