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Schadenet Van Straaten Groep in Leiden replaces reception desk with digital service location

Monday 24 April 2023

Schadenet Van Straaten Group is a leading damage repair company in the Netherlands, with several branches in the Netherlands. The company has been in business for over 60 years and has built an excellent reputation in the damage repair industry. Now they have started using a digital reception desk in Leiden.

Problem of traditional reception

Traditional receptions can be expensive expenses for companies like Schadenet Van Straaten. After all, an employee must be continuously present to assist visitors. In addition, it can be difficult to find the right person.

Schadenet Van Straaten Group goes digital with Prestop

To solve these problems and improve the visitor experience, Schadenet Van Straaten Group in Leiden replaced the reception desk with a digital service location from Prestop. This has resulted in a seamless digital connection between visitors and the office. The Evolution 24" landscape kiosk is equipped with our software and has been nicely stickered to match the company's branding better. In addition, the kiosk has a 4G puck for optimal internet connectivity.

How does the digital service location work?

The digital service location or digital reception works as follows: when a visitor arrives, he uses the Evolution 24" kiosk located in the keet to start a video call connection with the office.

Advantages of the digital reception

The digital service location offers numerous advantages for both visitors and Schadenet Van Straaten Group.

Improved visitor experience

Since with the digital service location, it is easier for visitors to register themselves and find the right person, there are no waiting times, and the whole process is much more personal. In addition, there are cost savings.

Cost savings

Replacing the front desk with a digital service location can be a huge cost savings for businesses, a one-time investment that has quickly paid for itself.


With the digital service location, communication between visitors and employees can be handled much more efficiently.

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