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The digital reception is an easy-to-use gateway for your company. Welcome your visitors and suppliers in a new, modern, customer-friendly way with Prestop's videophone digital reception.

Digital reception - contactless reception

How it works:

Visitors log in by scanning a QR code on their smartphone or paper, or they choose their contact via a menu on a touch screen. They are ideally suited for our Eminent kiosk and modular kiosk.

Suitable for Windows, Android and iOS

Encrypted conversations, always safely connected

Multiple connections, multiple receivers

Special features:

  • Easy to operate Touchscreen Interface
  • The possibility of a fully contactless operation via QR code
  • Receive calls from the digital reception on your smartphone or your computer desktop.
  • Mail and parcel delivery drivers contact the right person directly
  • Register visitors via a digital form


  • Registration of a visitor's badge.
  • Manage your own reception(s) in an online environment.
  • Easy to customise to your own look and feel via a configuration screen
  • Built-in speakers and microphone

Make your life easier.

Online tools allow the administrator to automatically record all incoming calls, for example, for a quality survey.

  • Overview of all calls made at the digital reception.
  • Possibility to automatically record all calls.
  • Statistics.
  • Adjustment of (registration) forms through an online environment.

Optional features

  • Automatic gel dispenser.
  • Registration/deregistration form.
  • Contactless registration via QR code or sensor.
  • Wired telephone handset instead of a built-in microphone/speaker.
  • Contactless movement sensor that immediately calls a pre-set number.
  • Privacy glass. Other people cannot see the screen.
  • Relay box that unlocks an existing door or access turnstile.

Our modular model is, as the name suggests, modular expandable. So you can equip the totem with several options to make it contactless and ensure both your and your customer's health.

     * don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Survey kiosk with gel dispenser

Prestop also supplies survey software. Perfect for a few short questions for visitors, customers and suppliers.

brochure digital reception kiosk  brochure digital reception modular

Contactless video calling with the digital reception

Check out the system to start video calling using QR codes and hand gestures.

Log on and video call

Watch the digital reception kiosk in action in combination with the gel dispenser.

Fill in a short survey and disinfect your hands

View the survey kiosk in combination with the gel dispenser here.

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