Order kiosks for Berden Mode

Tuesday 03 July 2018

It is very important for Berden Mode that the full range will be visible in any branch office. A size or colour out of stock in one of the shops? With the order kiosks, this is something of the past, because the desired product can be ordered directly from another branch. Berden Mode stores have order kiosks in store with SiteKiosk Windows Plus displaying their webshop. Articles can also be scanned with the barcode scanner. After the item has been scanned, the product page is shown on the web shop.

It is important that the order kiosks show the same range as in the web shop, that is why we have created a skin in Sitekiosk Windows Plus around the web shop display. The skin ensures that scanning the barcode of a shop product directly enters a search in the Web shop, and immediately calls up the product page of the web shop.


Order kiosks  case

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As soon as possible, you are welcome in our Interactive Experience Center which is located at Ekkersrijt 4611, Son en Breugel.


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