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Freestanding Outdoor Totem: An innovative, interactive solution for the Dutch Open Air Museum

Wednesday 26 April 2023

The Dutch Open Air Museum, located in Arnhem, is a museum that displays the history of Dutch life. The museum is modernizing its exhibition methods and improving the visitor experience. One way the museum does this is by implementing a freestanding outdoor totem made of stainless steel with a 22" touchscreen.

What is the freestanding outdoor totem?

The freestanding outdoor totem, made of stainless steel, a solution with a 22" touch screen for the Netherlands Open Air Museum, is a modern solution for displaying museum exhibitions. It is a freestanding display with a touch screen that allows visitors to interactively explore information about the exhibition. It is designed to be used indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for museums with outdoor exhibitions, such as the Netherlands Open Air Museum.

Professional touchscreen for outdoor

The totem has a professional 22" touchscreen with a high brightness of no less than 1000nit. An onboard light sensor also causes the screen to become brighter or dimmer according to the amount of sunlight. Because the glass has optical bonding, no dust or moisture can get between the LCD and the glass, and the screen is many times stronger because it is one piece. In addition, heat dissipation from the screen happens faster. 

Cooling, foundation and a player

The outdoor totem has enough space for cooling, so we could easily integrate components such as heating, ventilation, and thermostat into the totem to maintain the climate in the totem. A foundation block for a solid foundation was placed so it will not sink. Finally, we installed a Brightsign player that allows the beautiful presentation to run on the screen.


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