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Outdoor kiosks

In addition to the standard outdoor kiosks which are often used as tourist information kiosks, Prestop also designs and produces kiosks for all kinds of other applications. The material from which these columns are made can be stainless steel, Corten steel or steel.

Commissioned by a partner, Prestop developed, produced and installed three outdoor pillars with which a Rabobank can already welcome its guests outside on the parking lot. These pillars can also refer to a reserved parking space. Through an application developed by Omnivision, Rabobank employees can use an agenda function to reserve a parking spot, enter the license plate, the name of the visitor and possibly also a logo of the customer. These data appear on one of the high brightness columns that Prestop has installed on the pre-delivered concrete feet.
Of course the columns are waterproof and work within a temperature range between -20 and +50 because of the built-in heating element, hydrostat and thermostat which controls the heating element and the two fans.

Corten steel

Corten steel is a type of steel characterized by the brown rust color. This steel offers good resistance to corrosion. In 1933, the United States Steel Corporation launched CorTen® on the market. The name CorTen is derived from corrosion resistance and tensile strength. In other words, corten steel has good resistance to (atmospheric) corrosion and a reasonably high strength. Prestop often uses CorTen in columns set up in outdoor areas. Such as the information column that was placed on the former landing field (Plein America) of fighter planes during the Second World War. It is the exact location in the municipality of Groesbeek where hundreds of American gliders launched Operation Market Garden more than 70 years ago. By means of the column, information is given to visitors about this period and the special events at the place in question.

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