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Astrum IT is a reliable German partner of Prestop and offers high-quality IT solutions for sign-in kiosks to renowned customers. Our hardware is used for various purposes and our sign-in kiosks can be found at well-known companies, such as Bosch, Siemens, and Sodexo.

Experience with Registration Kiosks through the Years

Over the years, Prestop has supplied various sizes of Eminent and Evolution kiosks, each customized to the customer's specific needs. One of our success stories includes providing sign-in kiosks for truck drivers. They could simply scan their passport, take a picture, and then receive a badge. This allowed them access to further instructions and hassle-free access to the rest of the company.

Customizability and extravagant components

At Prestop, we understand that each customer has unique requirements for their sign-in terminals. That's why we offer a range of customization options. We can add RFID readers, QR and barcode scanners, speakers, receipt printers, and even A4 printers. To add a finishing touch, we offer privacy glass. This allows us to fully customize the kiosks, even with extravagant components one would not normally expect in a kiosk.

Astrum IT's Interactive Brochure

Astrum IT is aware of the total solution they offer with their high-quality hardware and software. They introduced an interactive brochure to share these innovative solutions with the world. With this, they want to inspire others and show what possibilities there are in the field of sign-in kiosks and IT solutions. You can find a video on page 5.

Collaboration between Astrum IT and Prestop

The close collaboration between Astrum IT and Prestop has led to innovative breakthroughs in sign-in kiosks and IT solutions. The combined expertise has ensured that customers benefit from high-quality, customized solutions that meet their specific needs seamlessly.

Future Developments

The cooperation between the two parties is still strong, and new developments are expected on an ongoing basis. Astrum IT and Prestop remain committed to providing the best possible solutions and will continue to strive for innovation and customer satisfaction.


With Astrum IT as Prestop's trusted partner, customers can access high-quality IT solutions for registration kiosks. Prestop's experience with registration kiosks has led to several success stories, where registration kiosks have been delivered to renowned companies. The cooperation between Astrum IT and Prestop continues to develop, resulting in continuous innovation and satisfied customers. With this powerful combination, companies can improve their sign-in processes and benefit from customized IT solutions that fit their unique needs.

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