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Prestop supplies 150 order kiosks for all Welkoop stores.

Welkoop is a retailer that focuses on garden tools and animal products and has 150 stores in the Netherlands. Consumers will find everything for an active outdoor life. Welkoop offers a wide product range, expert advice and comprehensive service.

How they came into contact with Prestop

"At Webwinkel Vakdagen, the biggest e-commerce event of the Benelux, we came in contact with Prestop", says Jasper Kusters, Format Manager Online and Product Owner at Welkoop. "We have already looked at the Prestop website, but the presentation at the trade show was decisive for us to make an appointment."

Point at issue

"Prestop and Welkoop had been working together for a pilot with order kiosks. The order kiosks were intended to become part of the store formula. Together we completed the pilot with Prestop order kiosks, to full satisfaction", Jasper explains. "The question with which we came to Prestop was well defined: It had to be possible to look up information via the order kiosk, place orders and pay at the linked checkout."

Prestop's solution.

What was important for Welkoop and partly for the cooperation with Prestop is the support that Prestop provides for both hardware and software. Jasper explains: “We thought that we had to have custom software written to make everything work according to our wishes and requirements. For Prestop, however, these wishes and requirements were a piece of cake, including the implementation of the barcode scanner.”


"Prestop works professionally, customer-oriented and certainly with a personal touch."
Jasper Kusters - Format Manager Online / Product Owner at Welkoop

Welkoop Order Kiosk

Welkoop order kiosk

Day to day operations.

There are now 150 order columns at all Welkoop locations. Customers use the order pillars as intended: “On the one hand to request information about products, to place orders and to pay for these at the checkout and on the other hand to register customer passes. Offers are also shown through the column. With orders, the customer can choose whether they want to pick up the product in the store or have it sent. Some products are by definition offered at the door because of their volume, such as greenhouses. Items that may not be sent, such as flammable liquids or containers with gases, must be collected at the store. The order column is also very useful for purchasing large items in the store that one no longer gets in the car, which can then be delivered neatly. ”

Welkoop is very satisfied with the order kiosk with a portrait 24" PCAP edge-to-edge touchscreens, including the barcode scanners, built-in speakers and Wi-Fi capabilities.

More information

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