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 Geldmaat Information Kiosk: The Convenient Way to Access Cash Services

Are you familiar with Geldmaat, the yellow ATM gradually replacing traditional bank ATMs? But did you know that Geldmaat stores also exist? These stores offer a convenient way to access cash services, and they are equipped with an information kiosk to make your transactions even more accessible. This article will provide you with everything you need about Geldmaat information kiosks in Geldmaat stores.

What is a Geldmaat Store?

Geldmaat stores are unstaffed, spacious, and easily accessible retail outlets where business and retail customers can withdraw and deposit cash using five to eight ATMs. The stores are open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and offer various services, including cash withdrawals, coin and bill deposits, and seal bag deposits. The first information kiosk was installed in a Geldmaat store by Prestop in collaboration with Schuberg Philis.

Geldmaat Information Kiosk: An Overview

The Geldmaat information kiosk is an interactive screen that allows customers to quickly and easily access information about various cash-related issues. The kiosk provides information on the steps for depositing money using the store's deposit machines, the costs associated with cash deposits and withdrawals, and other useful information. Additionally, customers can use the information kiosk to contact Geldmaat customer service for assistance.

Eminent Kiosk and SiteKiosk Online

The Geldmaat information kiosk is an Eminent 24Lx43P with a 24" touchscreen at the bottom and a 43" touchscreen at the top. This design makes it easy to advertise the kiosk's capabilities using signage. The kiosk is coated in Geldmaat's signature yellow color, making it instantly recognizable, with the Geldmaat logo prominently displayed. SiteKiosk Online software powers the kiosk, and Prestop is the official reseller of the software package used by Schuberg Philips to set up the kiosk.

Benefits of Using Geldmaat Information Kiosks

The Geldmaat information kiosk offers several advantages for customers. First, it allows customers to access information on cash services quickly and easily. Additionally, the kiosk enables customers to contact customer service promptly, reducing waiting times and improving customer satisfaction. Finally, the kiosk's interactive nature provides an engaging user experience, making it easier for customers to navigate and complete transactions.

In conclusion, Geldmaat information kiosks in Geldmaat stores offer a convenient and accessible way to access cash services. With their interactive screens, customers can quickly access information on various cash-related issues, and the kiosks' design makes them easy to spot. With their extended opening hours, unstaffed setup, and convenient services, Geldmaat stores are an excellent option for customers looking for an alternative to traditional bank ATMs.

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