Touch tables for DHL stand. 

DHL is a world-renowned transport and courier company. In the current times of e-commerce, companies such as DHL play a key role in web shop logistics. In order to show DHL's service provision to e-commerce businesses, Vormgeving Onbekend was tasked with interactively presenting the content DHL has created for the public at the trade show. 

How they came into contact with Prestop

In partnership with Vormgeving Onbekend, DHL approached Prestop on the quest for an interactive solution for DHL that could be rented. 

Point at issue

The interactive solution had to be able to display the various DHL websites in a secure environment, and be made accessible to visitors. An additional requirement was the ability to run DHL's videos for the target audience via the selfsame solution.

Prestop's solution.

Prestop recommended using touch tables equipped with Omnitapps software, with which interactive presentations are made. The touch table enables several people to simultaneously get together around the table. So helping to simultaneously reach more of the target audience at a trade stand. Two touch tables with a 55" PCAP touchscreen were set up for the trade show. 

DHL touch table Prestop

DHL touch table

Day to day operations.

The touch tables made a striking impact and drew people in to obtain further information. Visitors to the stand gathered around the tables, to independently browse the websites and watch the videos. The touch tables proved positive for the stand team too as a chat with interested visitors is given an extra dimension when the demo material can be interactively included.

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