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BAS World rents information kiosks and touch table for trade shows

BAS World deals in both new and pre-owned vehicles and machinery, boasting an inventory of over 3,000 units stocked at Europe's largest store located in Veghel.

For their presence at two prominent trade shows, the IAA and BAUMA, they opted to rent a 55-inch touch table featuring Omnitapps, alongside two 27-inch information kiosks integrated with their webshop.

In our conversation with Sylvana van den Crommenacker - Gevers, Communication & PR Manager, we delved into their experience renting this equipment with the accompanying software.

Why did you opt for a touch table with Omnitapps?

We chose the touch table to offer a dynamic and engaging presentation of BAS World to our visitors, blending playfulness with a professional and interactive approach.

Why the preference for an Omnitapps presentation paired with training?

With recent staff changes, no one was fully versed in the system. Hence, two colleagues underwent Omnitapps training to ensure proficiency.

How was the process of setting up the Omnitapps presentation?

Initially, setting up the presentation posed challenges as the software wasn't beginner-friendly, with some features not immediately intuitive. Through dedicated Omnitapps training and persistent experimentation, it gradually became more manageable. Eventually, we could bring our envisioned presentation to life as we familiarized ourselves with the software's functionalities.

Displaying inventory at the trade show

Why did you decide to rent an information kiosk with SiteKiosk for showcasing stocks at the fair?

We utilized SiteKiosk through basworld.com to display our inventory of trucks, buses, and machinery available for purchase and sale by transport companies.

How was the experience with the kiosks, touch table, and software at the events?

We observed that visitors often required guidance from our booth crew to engage with the touch table and kiosks. However, setting up and operating the equipment was straightforward.

What's your overall impression of renting the equipment and using Omnitapps?

Renting the equipment and using Omnitapps was a positive experience. Prestop welcomed us warmly and provided a comprehensive tour of Eindhoven to explore various options. Subsequent communication was smooth, and the rental period was flexible.

Would you consider renting again?

Absolutely, yes.

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