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ASICS Uplift Experience: Promoting Mental Health through Movement

ASICS, the well-known athletic footwear and apparel brand, recently marked World Mental Health Day by highlighting the importance of physical activity in promoting mental health. The company launched its Uplift Experience, hosted at the NXT Museum in Amsterdam for a pop-up installation that lasted just one day.

Visitors, tastemakers, and local media were all invited to the audiovisual activation event, designed to educate people on how movement can benefit mental health. The motto "Sound Mind, Sound Body" was fittingly incorporated into the design of the educational center. ASICS showcased how contemporary dancers, performing against floating digital graphics, could promote mental health through movement.


Full-Body Exercises and Stretches

The audience was invited to participate in full-body exercises and stretches guided by a voice-over. After watching the show, the participants were scientifically proven to have been revived in just 15.09 minutes - a fact that ASICS proudly shared.

Discover Your Mood on Kiosks

Asics rented twelve Prestop kiosks for the event, some of which were equipped with disinfection dispensers. Six of the 27" kiosks were used as check-in kiosks where visitors could answer several questions to determine their mood. The color displayed behind the kiosk on a screen reflected their mood.

After the event, visitors could check out on the remaining six kiosks and answer additional questions to see if their mood had changed after participating in the exercises and stretches. ASICS Sportstyle provided an interactive and fun event that utilized these kiosks for this fantastic application.

Final Thoughts

The ASICS Uplift Experience event successfully demonstrated the brand's commitment to promoting wellness awareness and the connection between movement and mental health. It also highlighted the importance of taking proactive steps toward mental health.

The event's educational center was designed to encourage visitors to reflect on their mental health and the benefits of physical activity. By combining contemporary dancers with floating digital graphics and full-body exercises, ASICS delivered a visually stunning experience that will leave a lasting impact on those who attended.

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