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AnyTyme Ommen about order kiosk: "System is solid as a rock"

AnyTyme Ommen is a fast food restaurant in the Netherlands and uses a double-sided order kiosk, so guests can place an order on both sides. The kiosk is from Jamezz, a relatively new player on the market. The cash register system that the entrepreneurs use is from Lightspeed.

Everything integrated

AnyTyme Ommen is the pilot store because Jolanda and William Roke had been working with ordering kiosks from various parties for some time and wanted to test them. For us, it was very important that everything was integrated: order column, web shop and cash register. Then we have an overview and we can, for example, see at a glance what the total turnover is. I can also keep track of it live. And if something changes in the menu, we don't have to change it in three different places.

Fine-tuning the system

The system that you choose as an entrepreneur, you have to adjust well yourself, Roke now knows. It's important that you gear the system to your business. You also have to pay attention to how you enter your items and how that looks to the guest. For example, you cannot use the abbreviations that you used to put on a kitchen receipt, because the people at the counter will also see that. It takes some time to get it right, but when it's finished, it looks like a dyke. Checkout pressure also decreases. That means that employees can help out elsewhere.

More frequent additional sales

It is often said that an order column promotes additional sales. Roke confirms this. At the checkout, we already sell on the side, but not always. Certainly not if there is a long queue, for example. It also becomes visual, they see the options on the screen. That makes it easier for people to make a choice. And by pressing the information button, they can see, for instance, what is in a certain burger'. According to Roke, more cola and apple juice is sold, which are drinks with an extra price in the children's box. Also, the more luxurious chicken schnitzels are sold more instead of 'normal' schnitzels.

Delivery(wo)men are advisers

Roke also makes sure that people at the kiosk get an explanation if necessary. Because we are no longer allowed to employ 15-year-olds as meal deliverers, they are now active in the business. They clean the tables and chairs, show people where to sit and give advice at the counter if they have problems.

Guests who have placed an order at the kiosk receive a receipt and can pick up a buzzer. 'Depending on how busy it is, they can then wait in the shop, outside or in the car.'

More hamburgers and luxury croquettes

Formula manager Han Wonink is also enthusiastic about the order kiosk. 'We see success in innovation and convenience. All systems come together and you can see your results with one push of a button. Spending via the webshop is higher and we notice a shift from standard fries and snacks to, for example, hamburgers, loaded fries and other snacks such as the sitostick or berenhap and more luxurious croquettes. That is because people have peace of mind when making their choices, but also because they can see the entire range on the screen at once.

Young people in particular use the kiosk

And how do the guests of AnyTyme Ommen react? Roke: "An order kiosk is quite new here in the region. In general, we see that people who come to McDonald's are already used to it. Others, often people over 40, are more cautious and prefer to go to the cash register. And that is still possible. In the summer, we had four checkout points. That way, we could spread people out nicely in the shop during busy periods. In the summer, we saw that three out of ten people chose the kiosk. Especially families and grandparents with children. It becomes a kind of interaction at the screen.'

More information

Would you like more information about order kiosks? Click here or contact Prestop.

From complete luxury to table model

According to Roke, the kiosk with the software is an investment of about 10,000 euros. That is the most luxurious variant, which includes everything: the cash register system, the webshop and the double column. Entrepreneurs can also opt for a single column, a wall-mounted unit or a table model.

Animo at AnyTyme

According to Wonink, the real effect on sales can only be seen after a year. However, there is already enthusiasm for the kiosk from other AnyTyme members. At the moment, talks are underway with four entrepreneurs about the order column.

The company Jamezz has delivered this beautiful solution. We are very proud that Jamezz uses our kiosks.

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