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Anti static cleaner spray (250 ml) | Hygienic alcohol spray 70% (250 ml)

Two liquid products based on Alcohol ethanol and surfactants with antistatic action for hygienic purposes.

€19,50 excl. VAT

Product information

The Prestop products must of course be disinfected. Prestop has been using alcohol and a specific product for touchscreens in its production process for years to clean them. Prestop produces its own touch screens for which it has even set up a clean room.

At the request of many customers, we have converted our stock into small packs of alcohol spray and anti-static cleaner.


Ideally suited for thorough cleaning and disinfection of smooth and shiny surfaces of information columns, touch screens, ATMs etc., but also painted steel, wood and doors.

Dries quickly and streak-free.

The sprays are supplied including soft, quality microfibre cloths in blue & pink (220/230, mix of polyester and polyamide).



1x Anti-static cleaner spray (250 ml)

1x Hygienic alcohol spray 70% (250 ml)

1x Pink Microfiber Cloth

1x Blue Microfiber cloth

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