Maximum attention with a touch video wall.

No matter how large a screen is, Prestop turns any size screen into a touchscreen. Prestop is one of the few manufacturers to have the knowledge and skills to deliver touch solutions for large format screens and video walls. An interactive video wall is available in various configurations. Prestop's installation service ensures that installation and commissioning run smoothly. The impact of an interactive video wall is enormous. The customer's attention is drawn in an unsurpassed way and the customer is immersed in a fully interactive experience. As a result, the customer will stay in the store longer. Every shop or public space becomes a theatre full of experience. 


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Freedom to set up

The modular construction of a TouchVideo wall makes it possible to link screens, both portrait and landscape. Very high, very wide, large and square, large and rectangular. Everything is possible. 

Prestop Touch Videowall

Bracket, stand or built-in

The hardware can be mounted with wall brackets, on a stand (also height adjustable) or built into the wall.

Prestop Touch Videowall for BAS Trucks

Onboard and offboard electronics 

Prestop supplies both onboard electronics for the control of the TouchVideo walls and offboard electronics. The offboard electronics will be placed in another room, out of sight. 

Prestop onboard en offboard elektronica

Ultra thin bezel of 7 mm for 55" and 75 video walls screens!

The narrow bezel features a bezel–to-bezel slim width that minimizes the visual distraction, providing a near-seamless picture across multiple screens without interruption, making more impact. Touch video wall screens are available in 55" en 75".

Extensive experience.

Prestop has extensive experience in building and installing touch video walls. We also like to work together with AV and IT companies, who supply the video walls with Prestop touch technology installed. For example all touch video walls in KPN stores. The most common configurations are 2×2, 3×1, 3×2, 4×2 or 4×3, but recently we also installed a 401" touch video wall for WTC Amsterdam. The possibilities are endless. 

Touch video walls in different versions.


Landscape (one column)

Landscape (two column)

Landscape (three column)

Landscape (four column)

Portrait (side by side)

Portrait (one above the other)

How are you going to use the video wall?

Boardroom presentation video wall

Boring meetings are a thing of the past thanks to the boardroom presentation video wall from Prestop. The screen can be used as an interactive presentation tool or as a collaboration tool, with which you can collaborate interactively.
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Digital showroom

With a digital showroom you can replace the physical samples in the purchasing phase of fashion, for example, and completely switch to the digital form of presentation. We supply the technology and applications for this.
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Endless aisle / shopping wall

A video wall is perfect to use as an extension within the physical shopping environment. An endless shelf full of products that the customer can swipe through at will, request information and even order. The endless aisle or shopping wall closes the gap between online and offline shopping and ensures maximum conversion on the shop floor. Prestop supplies these screens in various built-in, surface-mounted or standalone versions.
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Reception hall welcome screen

Let your reception room shine with hospitality. "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" is the saying. With an interactive welcome screen from Prestop, visitors are welcomed, they can navigate through photos, films and PDF documents themselves and they can get to know the company. Interactive welcome screens show good hospitality.
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Reference video wall

With a reference video wall you can interactively display all references on a world map filled with photos, videos and logos of your customers. Available in different sizes.
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Timeline video wall

Show a chronological overview of your company history, product line or yearbook in an interactive way with the timeline app. Ideal in a lobby or experience center.
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Customized video wall.

Prestop has all the in-house expertise to assemble, design and produce video walls in the most special forms. If you want to make a video wall interactive, we can add the touch functionality. Depending on the application, wishes and needs, we can advice on various possibilities, touch technologies and applications.


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Some of our references:

Prestop is specialist in the field of interactive video walls. Take a look at our favourite top 3 implemented projects to get an idea of what is possible. More references can be found here.

KPN video wall


More than 60 KPN stores are already equipped with interactive video walls. In the store, sales reps virtually show what is interesting for customers. This enriches the 'customer journey', which in many cases starts with online orientation.

Video Wall Den Bosch

Municipality of Den Bosch

The uniqueness of this video wall is that it consists of three touch parts, namely a large part in the middle on which an Omnitapps application runs. And the screens on the left and right on which a Qmatic login application runs.

Video wall Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

The interactive video walls on Regent Street, Amsterdam, Zurich and New York are special because of the bonded glass, the control system and because they are seamlessly integrated in the interior. 

We are Prestop. We make interactive solutions.

More than 25 years of experience.

We are there for anyone who is looking for a way to present, activate and interact with the greatest possible impact. Why are we the leading experts in this field? Because we have been creating interactive experiences since 1993 and do not spare any effort to constantly work on new developments in hardware and software. The guarantee: Our solutions provide amazement, interaction and valuable data. From the moment our collaboration starts, we offer unrivalled support.


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