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Let your visitors scan their COVID-19 QR-code, invitation or entry ticket themselves, without an employee having physical contact with, e.g., a ticket, letter, or smartphone. With this system, the employee can see the status or information on their own monitor, while the visitor can see the necessary information on their own monitor. It is suitable as a check-in or access point at, e.g., museums, cinemas, and attractions.

International Covid QR code scanning kiosk

Your staff do not need to use a Smartphone or tablet with a "clumsy" camera to check international QR tests, vaccination, or recovery certificates. With this kiosk solution, the guest can perform a scan using a QR code reader. Your staff then only needs to check the ID or ask a control question. "What is your year of birth?"

The kiosk reads QR codes from paper or a smartphone.

Standard delivered with a display showing the scan results. Built-in computer. All you have to do is place it, connect power and a network cable. It is a Plug & Play solution. If you place several systems at your shops, chain or branches, you can view the system status of all kiosks online through a portal. The kiosk starts automatically in the scanner application.

It can be equipped with a hand disinfection gel dispenser.


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Modular Kiosk Covid QR Code Check

This modular kiosk can scan international Covid QR codes and is equipped with a 11" touchscreen in portrait. 

  • 11" touchscreen
  • Scanner
  • Edge-to-edge
  • Color: black/RAL 9005 or white/RAL 9010
  • Options:
    • A Wifi antenna in case you cannot lay an internet cable to the kiosk
    • Custom graphic layout of the display
    • Your own sticker, such as logo and text on the front of the kiosk
    • An automatic alcohol dispenser system that allows guests to disinfect their hands upon arrival.
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screenshot qr-code corona test
screenshot qr-code corona test

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