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Let your visitors scan their invitation or entry ticket themselves, without an employee having physical contact with e.g. a ticket, letter or smartphone. With this system, the employee can see the status or information on his/her own monitor, while the visitor can see the necessary information on his/her own monitor. It is suitable as a check-in or access point at e.g. museums, cinemas and attractions.


A visitor walks up to the kiosk, and an employee stands at a safe distance. The visitor scans his/her access barcode from a ticket, letter or smartphone. A welcome message appears on the visitor's monitor. On the monitor at the employee's side, all information regarding the reservation, group, the location appears.

Special features:

  • The visitor and employee each have their own monitor.
  • The scanner can read Barcode and QR-Code from tickets, paper or directly from a Smartphone.
  • The monitor at the visitor's side can display additional information about applicable rules.

The kiosk can be combined with:

  • Almost all modules (please contact us to discuss the many possibilities)


This kiosk cannot be combined with:

  • Hand disinfection gel dispenser

Scan kiosk

Have a look here at how the scan kiosk works

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