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Wibra proud of self-checkout in new Den Bosch store

Wibra, one of the most beloved retail chains in the Netherlands, recently opened an impressive store in shopping center Helftheuvel in Den Bosch. What makes this opening extra special is the introduction of their newest addition: the self-checkout. This advanced checkout, built by Prestop with Valk Solutions software, promises a seamless shopping experience for Wibra's customers.

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Prestop's speed and customization

Prestop's role in making this state-of-the-art self-checkout a reality cannot be overemphasized. The speed with which Prestop switches from idea to production is one of the main reasons why Wibra chose them. In a world where speed is crucial, Prestop delivered a customized product that perfectly matches Wibra's corporate identity. In addition, the proven reliability and durability of Prestop's kiosks were important factors for Wibra. The self-checkout is not only an efficient addition to the store but also a reliable long-term investment.

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Wibra self-checkout Den Bosch from Prestop

Signage and custom materials

The self-checkout is unique because Prestop used the same wood for the shelves designed to hold bags and belongings as the wood used for the regular checkout furniture. Additionally, an illuminated sign indicating "self-checkout" has been attached to the pole that carries power and internet cables, making it easy to spot the self-checkout from afar.

Valk Solutions software integration

For the self-checkout to function smoothly, Valk Solutions' software was integrated. This seamless collaboration between hardware and software ensures an efficient and reliable self-checkout system.

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Benefits of the self-scan checkout for Wibra

Efficiency and time savings

One of the main benefits of the self-scanning checkout is improved efficiency. Customers can scan and checkout their products at their own pace, resulting in shorter waiting times and faster throughput. This contributes to a positive shopping experience, making customers eager to return.


With the self-scanning checkout, customers are in control of their purchasing process. They can scan products themselves, check quantity and pay directly, which increases overall convenience.

Improved customer service

Implementing the self-scanning checkout not only means efficiency but also an opportunity for Wibra staff to focus on other aspects of customer service. Employees can spend more time assisting and advising customers, increasing overall service quality.

Recognizing challenges

The benefits of self-scanning checkouts are quite evident but it is important to address the potential challenges associated with them. One of the critical concerns is theft, which may arise due to the lack of direct supervision. However, the advantages of efficiency and customer satisfaction outweigh these potential drawbacks. For instance, Wibra Den Bosch conducts regular checks, with the staff randomly examining customers' purchases. Besides, the store has installed cameras to keep an eye on the customers. By taking these measures, the store can minimize the risk of theft while gaining the benefits of efficiency and customer satisfaction that self-scanning checkouts provide. Therefore, Wibra strikes a balance between maximizing the benefits and managing the potential challenges.


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