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Video: Cake, Bake & Love loves two information kiosks with the most delicious baking goodies

Wednesday 19 July 2023

Cake, Bake & Love was founded on October 29, 2011 by Esther Jonker-de Beer, out of her love for cakes and baking. Manuelle Bamberg and regular employee Daniëlle took over in January 2013. With great pleasure and expertise they help customers in the store and webshop with advice and materials for their creations. The team also organizes children's parties and workshops, and ships orders throughout Europe. The enthusiastic Cake, Bake & Love team is always ready to help create delicious and beautiful baked goods.

To assist their customers with additional information, they have set up two Prestop information kiosks on which their webshop runs.

Cake baking store with digital information kiosk to help

At Cake, Bake & Love, they have lots of products. But how do you use some of the baking products, cake decorations, and other supplies? To assist the salespeople, customers can scan a product at one of the two Evolution 24" portrait information kiosks with a built-in scanner. On these fun stickered kiosks, Cake, Bake & Love's webshop runs through our secure browser SiteKiosk. Customers themselves can go to the kiosk and scan their product and then see more information on the screen, such as the description, additional information, and price. The staff themselves can also take a moment during a sales call to say, "Let's go to the kiosk and see what we can do with it and what fits." Think of it as a support for salespeople that makes their lives much easier through this interactivity with pictures, descriptions, and examples.

Check out a demo below provided by Cake, Bake & Love staff!

English subtitles available!

Cake Bake & Love info kiosk Prestop

Personalized stickers and webshop display

We beautifully stickered the two kiosks with the branding and look of Cake, Bake & Love. The logo and some nice baking prints give the kiosk a playful look, while the arrow with text 'scan your price here' makes it immediately clear what visitors can do at the kiosk. The site is securely displayed on the kiosk, so visitors can't do anything weird. The style of the website is nicely preserved on the kiosk and the end result is a nice addition for Manuelle and Daniëlle!

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