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Trevvel registration kiosks for hospitals

Hospitals Rotterdam introduce Trevvel kiosks for easier transport

The Ikazia Hospital and the IJsselland Hospital now have hospital kiosks from Prestop and Trevvel. These custom kiosks make it easier for patients and visitors to arrange their return rides after visiting the hospital.

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Easily book your return trip

After you visit one of these hospitals, you can easily book your return ride using the kiosk. This system is user-friendly and allows you to quickly arrange a cab without any hassle. Moreover, you can track the car and the driver, giving an added sense of security and control.

Expansion of Trevvel kiosks

Earlier in July 2021, Prestop installed kiosks at Maasstad Hospital, Erasmus Hospital, St. Franciscus Hospital and Vlietland Hospital. This expansion shows the growing popularity and need for such systems in Rotterdam hospitals.

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Easy to use

A magnetic strip reader is placed on the side of the kiosk. Here, customers can scan their Trevvel pass into it and easily schedule a cab ride. This makes the process fast and efficient, especially for people who want to get home quickly after a hospital visit.

Benefits of Trevvel kiosks in hospitals

Using Trevvel kiosks offers numerous benefits. It reduces waiting time for a cab, adds convenience and provides a safe way to get home. Patients and visitors do not have to worry about arranging transportation at the last minute because everything can be arranged through the kiosk.

Conclusion: Innovation and convenience go hand in hand

The introduction of Trevvel kiosks at Ikazia Hospital and IJsselland Hospital is a step forward in improving the patient experience. With the convenience of a single scan, visitors can plan and track their ride, contributing to a worry-free and comfortable trip home. This innovation highlights the importance of technology in improving our daily services and provides an example for other institutions to follow.

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