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The Evolution 24 X 24 and Eminent 24 X 27 with top screens - The eye-catchers of the moment!

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Prestop is a specialist in custom product making. With our own designers, draftsmen and assembly, we can make any product you want. We can create an entirely new product or, as in this case, modify an existing product.

This is perfectly reflected in the Evolution 24" X 24" and Eminent 24" X 27". For this, we took an existing 24" Evolution and Eminent kiosk and fitted it with a top screen. On the Evolution it is a 24" signage screen and on the Eminent it is a 27" advertising screen.

Information, ordering, registration and more with one kiosk

The Kiosk Evolution 24" X 24" and Eminent 24" X 27" can be used multifunctionally. You can use them perfectly as shop-in-shop order kiosks, self-service kiosks in your QSR, information kiosks in your store or as sign-in kiosks on the premises or at events. Display photos and videos on the top screen for advertising or instructions.

Shop-in-Shop order kiosk

A shop-in-shop order kiosk is an excellent way to improve the efficiency of your store. With the two kiosks, you can create an integrated ordering system, allowing customers to select and order products quickly and easily. This reduces waiting time and increases your customers' satisfaction, ultimately increasing sales and revenue. With the top screen, you clarify what customers can do at the kiosk.

Self-Service kiosk in your QSR

Speed is essential in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. The kiosks offer the perfect solution for speeding up ordering and payment processes. With this self-service kiosk, customers can easily create their own meals, adjust their orders, and checkout. This reduces congestion at the cash registers and improves throughput, keeping your customers happy and your profits steadily growing.

Information kiosk in your store

An information kiosk in your store is a great way to provide customers with product information, offers, and more. Top-screen kiosks can be used as an interactive information source. Customers can easily look up product information, compare prices, and read reviews. This not only increases customer engagement but also boosts sales.

Prestop kiosk Eminent 24 inch with 27 inch top screen for digital signage
Prestop kiosk Evolution 24-inch with 24-inch top screen for digital signage

Registration kiosk at your business or events

The Eminent 24" X 27" and Evolution 24" X 24" can also serve as an efficient sign-in kiosk at your business location or during events. Customers and guests can register quickly and easily, reducing wait times and improving the overall experience. Personalizing sign-in processes and collecting valuable data becomes effortless with this kiosk.

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