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Tuesday 02 February 2021

Friday, November 8, 2019 was the day: the new building wing of the Sint Maartens Clinic was officially opened. In just under two years, a nearly complete 12,000 m2 hospital, consisting of a supermodern OR complex, a spacious rehabilitation wing with nursing departments and a Loop Expertise Center, rose in Ubbergen. Prestop was responsible for the design, production and installation of the touchscreens in these supermodern OR areas.

Unica Building Projects was responsible for the technical installations of the new building:

"We have created a safe, healthy and healing environment for patient and staff."
Project manager Jeroen van Schaijk has a satisfied feeling. For over two years he was involved in the new building from Unica Building Projects. He says: "In November 2017, Unica was commissioned, together with Carebuilders, EGM architecten and Royal Haskoning DHV, to realise the (electrical and mechanical) installations of the new building. A project with great ambitions and innovations, for a client who wants to deliver the very best quality of care. You will understand that our team is concluding an inspiring, educational and very intensive period with this official opening."

Better through innovation
That ambitious client is the Sint Maartens Clinic: a specialized hospital that is a leader in the treatment of disorders relating to posture and movement. Chairman of the Board Mark Van Houdenhoven explains: "To stay ahead, the Maartens Clinic invests emphatically in innovation. Here we perform the most complex revision surgery and the latest operations, such as the implantation of 3D printed prostheses. This requires the very best and safest operating environment. With the most modern OR complex in the world, our clinic is once again completely state of the art: that suits who we want to be."

The entire OR spotless
For Unica, all the new techniques in the OR complex were the biggest challenge. Jeroen explains: "An operating room is a special (working) environment in which extremely high demands are made on the air quality. Our task is to provide an optimal operating climate in terms of air humidity, temperature and air purity. For this, we were allowed to install the innovative air treatment system Opragon, which ensures that not only the operating area but the entire operating room is completely sterile. The chance of infections is thus minimized. In addition, the system also ensures a pleasant temperature in the OR."

The power of color
New techniques were also used in the electrical field. "The ORs have been given a special LED lighting concept," says Jeroen. "With this, the room can be lit in all sorts of ways. The color of the lighting changes with the daylight (there are windows in the OR), which is nice for the biorhythm of the OR staff. One can also choose one's own color of lighting, for example, green or blue, which makes a better contrast visible to the surgical team."

Digital surgery
The new, spacious operating rooms are packed with technology. "You can almost speak of a digital OR. There are hardly any buttons left to find; everything works via touchscreens," Jeroen continues. "Each operating room is equipped with three screens that are seamlessly integrated into the wall. In addition to a tidy work environment and sterility, these screens provide the surgeon with a clear view of the desired images at all times during the operation. Through one screen, the OR team can control everything: from temperature to light, from X-rays to electronic patient records. There is also a backup screen that continues to work if the system should unexpectedly fail. The OR thus retains its functionality and the operation can be completed safely."

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