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Schiphol improving information provision with self-service information points

Monday 15 July 2019

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will use new communication channels to provide passengers in the terminal with even better assistance when they have queries or problems. Passengers have long been able to contact Schiphol 24/7 via phone, email, chat apps, and social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook (Messenger), Twitter and Instagram. This list of options has now been expanded to include self-service information points, scattered across various locations in the terminal.

Schiphol self-service information points are part of omnichannel strategy

Passengers can access the self-service information points to look up their flight information, check maps of the airport, and view frequently asked questions and answers. For more complex queries or problems, passengers can speak with a Schiphol staff member via a video call. If need be, a mobile assistant will come and help the passenger on the spot.

Installation of self-service information points by Prestop

Prestop and BIS|Econocom are partner for the entire project, from advice and design to the production and installation of the self-service information points. We designed the Schiphol information point and to realize the organic form we opted for a kiosk made of steel and covered with HI-MACS (also known as Corian). Prestop built-in a 32” PCAP touchscreen and other hardware such as a barcode scanner, microphone, window speakers and webcam behind glass. Schiphol has developed web-based software, which is securely displayed via SiteKiosk. The result: a unique self-service information point for Schiphol.

Schiphol Kiosk Self-Service Information Points

Schiphol self-service information point

Watch the Schiphol video about their new information kiosks.

95% of users are satisfied.

Over the past few months Prestop has installed the self-service information points and extensively tested the hardware and software with the video call option. In May, most passengers used the self-service information points to look up their flight details or view airport maps. A survey among the users showed that over 95% were satisfied with the self-service points.


Customer surveys have revealed that passengers prefer more digital communication with Schiphol through various online channels, irrespective of their location. It goes without saying that passengers also greatly appreciate the option of speaking with a staff member face-to-face.

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