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Revolutionary commitment: new info kiosks and touch tables for rent

We are pleased to announce that we, a top provider of interactive technology solutions, have released an updated and expanded selection of information kiosks and touch tables that are now available for rental. These innovative interactive solutions have advanced features and capabilities that change how businesses communicate with their customers and visitors.

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The new touch tables

Prestop's newest offerings include state-of-the-art information kiosks and touch tables that are sleek, modern, and equipped with high-definition displays. The highly responsive interactive touchscreens offer users a seamless and intuitive experience. These interactive solutions are designed to capture attention, stimulate curiosity and provide information in an engaging way.

So, we have added our newest table, the Eminent X. With its 55" 4k screen and stylish design, this table fits well with companies that want to showcase themselves as modern and hip. The kids table is ideal for games for young and old, and the new Eminent 55 has a beautiful design and sturdiness not found anywhere else. We have also added our flight case touch table to the range, which is mobile and protected in a flight case. We also offer a flight case with most touch tables for transport! 

View the touch table offerings here.

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Benefits of renting information kiosks and touch tables

Renting information kiosks and touch tables from Prestop offers numerous benefits for companies and event organizers. First, it does not require large upfront investments, making it a cost-effective option for short-term projects. In addition, hiring allows companies to stay up-to-date with the latest technology without worrying about outdated equipment.

Using info kiosks and touch tables at events and trade shows

Prestop's information kiosks and touch tables are widely applied in events and exhibitions. From providing interactive maps and signage assistance to displaying product catalogs, websites and interactive presentations, these solutions create a lasting impression on visitors. They also serve as valuable data collection points, allowing companies to gather insights into customer preferences and behavior.

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Improve visitor experience with interactive technology

Interactive technology has become a crucial element in improving the overall visitor experience. With Prestop's information kiosks and touch tables, businesses can offer self-service options, allowing visitors to access information conveniently. This freedom of exploration allows users to interact with content in a personalized way, fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

Evolution kiosks present in large numbers

Prestop is the only company that can offer dozens of the same kiosks for rental. We have these available in white, black, and gray, 24 inch landscape and portrait, and 32 inch landscape. A unique feature that you as a company can definitely take advantage of if you want to steal the show at a trade show, event, or other temporary situation. 

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Personalized products and features

One of the key features of Prestop's interactive solutions is the level of customization we offer. Companies can customize the user interface and content to fit their brand identity and specific requirements. Kiosks and tables can be branded with logos and colors to match the overall event theme seamlessly. Thus, stickering is possible for branding and added prominence. We can design the stickers or you can provide your own design. We will then send you the dimensions of the kiosk or table!

On-site and remote technical support and assistance

Prestop is proud to offer top-quality technical support and assistance on-site and remote. Our team of experts is available seven days a week to answer questions, solve problems and provide guidance on maximizing the potential of interactive solutions. This comprehensive support ensures that businesses can focus on their event or project without worrying about technical issues.

Renting information kiosks and touch tables

Renting information kiosks and touch tables from Prestop is easy. Simply click on one of the two buttons below, click on 'request quote' at the products you want to rent, and fill in the list. Indicate whether you want to put software on it yourself or that we have to do that and put in the comments if you want stickers. If you need further assistance, we can always help you over the phone or via video call to show you our showroom of products!


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