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Puppy information kiosk for garden center

Thursday 09 May 2019

The arrival of a puppy is an exciting and festive moment for a dog owner, who needs a lot of information at this stage. Reason for Beeztees to develop a puppy concept with an extra service entirely focused on the development and growth stages of a puppy: the puppy information kiosk. In April, the kiosks were placed as a pilot at three different garden centers in the Netherlands.

Beeztees got the idea for an interactive solution in the store during a meeting in June 2018 of Garden Retail 3.0. Suppliers and retailers came together in Prestop's Interactive Experience Center for a meeting about The Smart Garden Center.

Development of Beeztees information kiosk

Beeztees came to Prestop, because they needed help to develop a puppy kiosk. They were looking for a partner who could develop a kiosk that would give people with a puppy more insight into their products. A puppy goes through different stages, depending on the age of the puppy there are specific products available. At Beeztees they noticed that sometimes it was unclear to the customer when they need to use which products. With a kiosk they want to provide more insight, so it's clear at what stage a product is good for the puppy.

After a short session, our designers made a proposal for the software and a demo of a multi-touch Omnitapps presentation. Beeztees has chosen to start with an information kiosk, because it was the quickest interactive solution to realize for the pilot.

The puppy kiosk, easy and convenience

The puppy kiosk provides convenience for the customer. For example, it acts as a guide where the products being displayed on the shelf: that is convenient and stimulates sales in the store. You can also request a checklist; what do I need for my puppy the first time. For the pilot no changes to the ordering process where made, that could be an addition in the next phase. 

The role of the shop staff is important. The kiosk is not intended as a substitute for, but rather as support for staff. The kiosk is very user-friendly, the customer can also operate it alone. But when a question is asked by the customer, it's also a nice tool for staff to use and especially supportive of sales.

Live in the store

The information kiosks have now been placed at three garden centers as a pilot for the Beeztees concept: The world of puppies. The aim is to inspire and inform the consumer in the shop in a way that fits today's consumer, which should lead to sales. Phase 1 was successful; we have developed and set up the information kiosk. The second phase must show whether more products are being sold: that is certainly part of the plan. Beeztees will provide additional support for the kiosk by adding new products, developing tools and content for social media to attract additional customers and analyzing sales figures to make the results transparent. After the pilot, we will determine the next steps.

Beeztees puppy information kiosk

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