Prestop installs touchscreens at ORs Rijnstate and MST

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Hospital Rijnstate in Arnhem and the Medical Spectrum Twente in Enschede are renovating various departments to continue to offer the best care in the future. The operating rooms (ORs) of the operating room complex are being modernized in both hospitals. Prestop placed touch screens in the ORs, which ensure that the OR team can now fully control image routing directly from the OR.

65" Touchscreens in OR Rijnstate

Twelve ORs at the Rijstate hospital have been renewedand are now equipped with a 65” touchscreen. Prestop has made a special housing for the OR touchscreens, the touchscreens are now completely concealed in the wall. The front of the touchscreen is entirely made of glass, which makes it very easy to clean the screen.

40" Touchscreens in OR MSt

At the Medical Spectrum Twente the old screens have been replaced with 40” touchscreens. In total we’ve provided 14 ORs with touchscreens. These screens are also built into the wall and completely made of glass, which makes it easy to clean.


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