Prestop information kiosk with Younit helps German consumers choose a bicycle

Thursday 20 December 2018

Snakeware from Friesland has introduced Younit on the German market. Younit is a digital platform that consumers can use to select their ideal bike from Winora (part of Accell Group) via an information kiosk in the store.

The digital advice platform Younit van has already been sold more than 500 times in Germany. Snakeware is exploring, together with Accell IT, a further roll-out of the concept for all brands and products of the Accell Group. For the German market, it was decided to place the solution on the market through a Prestop information kiosk. Via this kiosk, customers in shops receive advice on the purchase of a bicycle.

Order directly or later via QR code

After entering a few details, the consumer gets suggestions for suitable bicycles. Afterwards, he can assess the models, whether or not together with an expert in the store. The favorites are saved and ordered directly from the dealer. They can also send via a QR code to the email address of the consumer for a decision moment later.


information kiosks

Specially developed for Winora Group

Younit is, according to Snakeware, 'a cloud-based, multibrand omnichannel platform, specially built for the Winora Group. The product is the result of a collaboration between Winora Group, Accell IT, Snakeware and Prestop, the Haibike Design Center, Radlabor Bike Sizing and design specialist Cogniance. The kick-off of the project was in Schweinfurt with the bicycle brands Haibike and Winora (part of Accell Group). Click here here for more info in Dutch about Younit.


After the successful launch in Germany, the Accell Group is also looking to launch this solution in other countries.

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