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Pick & Learn at Capi-Lux' Zurich Airport store

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Capi-Lux are the leading airport retailer and offers the best selection of consumer electronics available. They are globally represented with more than 30 stores at 12 airports. Their assortment consists of premium and leading A brands offering the most innovative products like: headphones, smartphones, travel accessories, personal care and gadgets.

Our creations department collaborated with our design & manufacturing department and delivered a modular interactive Pick & Learn system to Capi-Lux.

Capi-Lux is happy to announce that their newest store has been opened in the Airside Center at Zurich Airport earlier this week!

Their team is looking forward to meeting their customers in the store for the latest electronics innovations.

What's new?

Interactive screen -Located at the end of the store, you can learn more about five selected products. Pick an item and watch all the coolest product features on the screen in front of you.

This solution consists of a newly developed sensor shelf with different sensor techniques to detect which product the customer picks up. The type of sensors used in this project is RFID tags recognized by antennas, G-force sensors that recognize a movement of the product, and a laser sensor that recognizes that a user moves their hand towards the product.

As soon as the customer picks up a product, a commercial is shown on the 55-inch touchscreen and the customer can view more information via the touchscreen controls.

All content can be centrally managed and distributed from the online signage platform Sitecaster.

This solution is now running at Zurich Airport and will be delivered to other airports in the near future.

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