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Order kiosks for Thai restaurant

Tuesday 29 June 2021

Commissioned by a partner, Prestop supplied and installed three order kiosks in a franchise restaurant located in Boven 'IJ.

Orders are now taken and paid via order kiosks. The order comes in on multiple kitchen screens. These are divided into different zones. Every (partial) order is printed on a self-adhesive receipt. The status of the total order is monitored on an assembly screen at the issuing desk. When an order is completed, a connected pick-up screen indicates that the order is ready for pick-up.

It is only possible to pay with cash via one of the payment terminals. The kiosk is equipped with an Easy Cash system from Cikam.

The solution is customer-friendly and works very simply; the customer puts cash into the system and the system automatically returns change.

The money is safely under lock and key, but clearly visible. Moreover, this prevents internal fraud and cash differences. And because the system immediately counts the money and checks for authenticity, there is immediate insight into the cash flow. Not counting the cash drawer anymore saves the retailer a lot of time.

The two other kiosks are equipped with a Worldline payment terminal where payment can be made contactless or with pin. After payment, a receipt is automatically printed on which, in addition to the order, the collection number is also printed.

On this page you will find more information about our various order kiosk solutions. In collaboration with, among others, the partner that supplied this solution, we ensure that a total solution can be delivered. Of course, the columns can also be supplied without software in various configurations. You can also opt for kiosks with an RFID reader, Barcode reader, Webcam, etc.

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