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New SSUs and PRM Call Points Schiphol Aviation Solutions

About seven years ago, Schiphol Airport took a significant step forward by replacing staffed information desks with digital kiosks. These self-service units, made by Prestop and running Schiphol Aviation Solutions’ software, have freed up 50% of terminal space, supported passengers with 33% less staff, and increased customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. Deployed for five years at Schiphol and two years at Hamad International Airport, these units have proven their value. Schiphol continues to innovate by introducing SSU 1.2 and new PRM call points, available for other airports, designed by Prestop to meet evolving requirements.

Key features of the new PRM call points

The new PRM call points by Prestop are equipped with a 12-inch touch screen, a hearing loop, physical buttons with tactile information, and a boarding pass scanner. Designed with a robust stainless-steel casing, these poles can be used both indoors and outdoors. Key features include a video call function, similar to Facetime, and a chat function, enhancing passenger support and replacing the old PRM call points since they fall short of the evolving requirements.

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SSU 1.2: The next-generation Self-Service Unit

The SSU 1.2 is a significant upgrade from the original self-service unit, boasting several enhanced features. It has LED lights on the sides, providing better noticeability, styling, and user interaction. The unit’s smaller surface area makes it more space-efficient and accessible to integrate into various airport environments. Internal design improvements have
made maintenance more straightforward and more efficient. Additionally, the SSU 1.2 offers a better cost-to-benefit ratio, ensuring airports get more value for their investment. Importantly, it complies with the upcoming 2025 regulations, just like the PRM calling points, aligning with the latest standards in accessibility and technology.

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Lessons learned from deployments

Schiphol and Prestop learned a lot, and the software has been updated many times to release new features. Now, it’s time to update the hardware to be deployed in 2025. Here are some lessons learned:

Dust management

One critical lesson learned is the importance of dust management. Kiosks contain computers that require cooling to prevent overheating and performance issues. Dust can clog cooling components, especially in areas with high particle concentrations, such as Kiss & Ride zones or train stations. The updated design addresses this issue with improved airflow management, reducing dust accumulation in the front panel.

Improved access to parts

Another lesson is the necessity of easy access to kiosk components. These units include computers, barcode scanners, cameras, microphone arrays, and other small parts that can break or become outdated. The new kiosk design ensures more accessible access to all parts and uses widely available components, extending the hardware's lifespan without compromising user experience.

Enhanced accessibility

Accessibility has been a significant focus. The PRM call points are part of the Passenger Experience Platform. The growing number of passengers needing assistance, often due to an aging population, highlights the importance of accessibility. Prestop's updated design includes a hearing loop, an additional keyboard with tactile information accessible from a wheelchair, and numerous software updates. By June 2025, these features will be required in Europe under the European Accessibility Act (EAA).

Superior video call quality

Airports are noisy environments, making clear communication challenging. High-quality sound and video are crucial. Prestop has implemented a better camera and a microphone array capable of filtering background noise. A custom-built video call application also ensures high-quality video calls with active noise suppression.

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Schiphol Aviation Solutions and Prestop have demonstrated the transformative impact of self-service units in airports. By addressing dust management, improving access to parts, enhancing accessibility, and ensuring superior video call quality, these deployments offer valuable lessons for future implementations. As technology evolves, continuous updates and innovations will further improve passenger experience and operational efficiency in airports worldwide.

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