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New self-service name badge printing kiosk

Self-service name badge printer kiosk: Innovation in Event Registration

Prestop, in partnership with IDagency, has developed a revolutionary self-service name badge printer kiosk. Starting in July, it will be available for secure on-site printing of full color name badges. This innovation uses barcodes, NFC and facial recognition.

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Printing name badges with barcodes

Barcodes are an efficient way to print name badges. The kiosk scans the barcode and immediately prints a name badge. This system is compatible with all major event registration systems that offer a "kiosk setup.

Use of NFC in name badge printing

Near Field Communication (NFC) makes name badge printing even faster. Visitors need only hold their NFC card or device against the kiosk. Within seconds, their name badge is printed. This significantly increases throughput at events.

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Face recognition for a personal touch

Face recognition adds an extra layer of convenience and security. The kiosk recognizes the visitor and immediately prints the corresponding name badge. This system reduces wait times and improves the visitor experience.

Compatibility with Event Registration Systems

The self-service name badge printer kiosk is designed to work with all major event registration systems. This ensures seamless integration and a consistent experience for users. No matter which system an event uses, the kiosk can be easily integrated.

Security and reliability

Security is a top priority. The kiosk is equipped with the latest security protocols to ensure that all data is processed and stored securely. This gives both organizers and visitors peace of mind.


The introduction of the self-service name badge printer kiosk by Prestop and IDagency makes printing name badges at events easier, faster and more secure. This innovative technology uses barcodes, NFC and facial recognition, and is compatible with all major event registration systems. Starting in July, organizers and visitors can benefit from this efficient and reliable solution.

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