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Sunday 25 August 2019

Prestop always strives to be at the forefront with the latest touch techniques, also in the field of interactive video walls. From September we will, in addition to video walls with IR touchscreens, produce video walls that are made with PCAP video wall screens of 46" or 55". The advantage of a video wall with PCAP video wall screens is that it is constructed in the same way as a regular video wall, with pop-out brackets.

The second new video wall touch technique is glass touch. Glass touch is unique because it can also be used for digital windows. A shop window is made interactive by placing a sensor on the two upper corners of the screen. Some examples of digital shop windows can be found in our Interactive Experience Center.


PCAP video walls

In our cleanroom we make PCAP screens up to 86”. Because of the thick bezel they are not suitable as a video wall screen, therefore Prestop produces 46" and 55" PCAP video wall screens. With these screens, interactive video walls can be built up to 20 meters wide and 4 meters high.

IR video walls

At Prestop you can choose from two types of touch frames. Depending on the budget and lighting conditions, the right touch frame is determined and we customize it.


Bonded glass video wall screens

If direct sunlight can fall on a video wall, then a touch frame with bonded glass is chosen. We have applied this technique in the Tommy Hilfiger stores in London, Amsterdam and Zurich. We did not use a large glass plate for their touch video walls, but the video wall screens are fitted with bonded glass. A defective screen can easily be exchanged by one person.


Video wall screens with glass plates

For the KPN touch video walls, a low-cost touch technology was used with which the video wall screens are protected by large glass plates of 6 mm thick.


You can view all touch techniques in our Interactive Experience Center. Our product managers are happy to explain the differences. Prestop designs and produces touch frames that are placed for video wall screens by our own installation team. Of course, we like to work with AV companies that install and maintain video walls.


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Prestop touch video wall

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