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Key features of kiosk software to look forward to in 2024

In the rapidly evolving digital world, effective kiosk software management is crucial for companies striving for improved customer interactions and increased employee productivity. With the expected amplification of digital transformation in 2024, embracing the best kiosk management solutions becomes essential. This guide reveals the indispensable features of kiosk software and highlights future trends for optimal management.

The importance of kiosk software

Kiosk management tools provide numerous benefits to businesses by automating IT tasks, thereby saving time and resources. The significance of employing top-notch kiosk management software is highlighted by the following advantages:

  1. Enhanced security with peripheral control and prevention of unauthorized access.
  2. Increased employee productivity through minimized distractions.
  3. Remote management of devices.
  4. Improved customer experience and service.
  5. Lowered data costs.
  6. Extended device lifecycle.

What does the future hold for kiosk software in 2024?

Strengthened security

With the ongoing threat from cybercriminals, kiosk security must be strengthened in 2024. Tighter security measures must be integrated to protect kiosks and their confidential data. Passcode policies should be changed periodically, and Role-Based Access Control is becoming more common to allow only administrators access.

UEM/MDM-based control

Many UEM/MDM solutions currently offer kiosk management features, and this trend is expected to increase. Companies leveraging these solutions benefit from a comprehensive approach to kiosk management, including bulk enrollment, provisioning, OS-based profiling and patch management.

Increase in Cloud-based management

As more companies deploy kiosk devices, management will continue to shift to the cloud. Cloud-based kiosk management offers efficiencies by allowing everything to be managed remotely, which is especially beneficial for cost savings in large-scale deployments.

More integrations

The continued integration of advanced technologies will improve the functionalities of self-service kiosks. Intelligent kiosks will become the norm, automatically detecting secure Wi-Fi and seamless connections. But Lift & Learn and light, sound, and scent control with touchscreens are also possible.


For 2024 and beyond, the focus on industry-specific kiosk solutions will increase. Sectors such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and transportation will benefit from customized kiosks that meet their unique requirements.

Cost flexibility and scalability

In 2024, businesses will seek improved scalability and cost adaptability for kiosk solutions. Flexible pricing plans are essential, allowing companies to add or remove kiosks without unnecessary costs easily.


In the dynamic world of kiosk management, the right choices are crucial. Before choosing a kiosk management solution, thoroughly evaluate your company's needs and create a targeted roadmap for your devices.

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