Inside explorer touch table at the University of Reading

Monday 02 December 2019

The University of Reading is one of UK’s largest and most well-renowned universities with more than 17.000 students. The School of Biological Sciences at the university has purchased an inside explorer touch table to feature permanently in the new Cole Museum of Zoology as well as for a temporary student exhibitions. The university will shortly open a new Health and Life Sciences building and the touch table will play a key role in this new facility.

The University of Reading maintains four museums, libraries, and a botanical garden, making them the perfect user of the inside explorer touch table with a wide spread of content supplied from Interspectral’s extensive content library as well as in time, material from the museums’ own collections. Initially this will include human anatomy and animal physiology content.

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“I first saw the inside explorer touch table at a conference exhibition and knew that we had to have one in the Cole Museum of Zoology which will form the entrance to the new Health and Life Sciences building at the University of Reading. The touch table allows you to see inside entire animals, taking off layers of skin and muscles, observing organs in situ and virtual slices for study. Few people could fail to be impressed with the detail in which insects are shown which will hopefully translate into a greater interest in invertebrates. Being able to slice through living animals and humans will support physiological and anatomical learning as well as bringing an element of fun to learning with this interactive solution.”

Amanda Callaghan - Curator of the Cole Museum

Successful collaboration for the application of inside explorer touch table 

This is the first collaboration between Interspectral and the University of Reading, but it is a perfect example of how the inside explorer touch table can be used to bridge science and education by new ways of experiencing and exploring digital twins of real captured data. David Hughes, UK based Solution and Business Developer at Interspectral says: “Starting with this high-profile installation today, but over time we anticipate working with the university to further integrate the inside explorer solution into the teaching process and also enable students to study and explore content from the University’s Zoology museum collection in unprecedented detail.”

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