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Information kiosk in coffee shop Quasi

Prestop works with Delta 9 Analytics to provide kiosks at coffee shops in the Netherlands. Today, we highlight the information kiosk at Quasi in Maassluis.

Eminent 32 inch kiosk on the wall

At coffee shop Quasi in Maassluis, there is a striking addition: the Eminent 32-inch wall kiosk. This kiosk hangs on a beautiful, green wall and immediately attracts attention. With this technology, visitors can easily find information about different types of weed and hash.

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Delta 9 Analytics and SiteKiosk software

The kiosk uses the software of our reseller Delta 9 Analytics. This software provides detailed information about the various products available in the coffee shop, helping customers make an informed choice. SiteKiosk Online ensures that the kiosk remains in a secure software environment, ensuring that the information is reliable and safe for the users.

Complete care by Prestop

Full installation and service by Prestop

The installation and service of the information kiosk is fully taken care of by Prestop. This includes setting the start and shutdown times, ensuring that the kiosk is always available for use at the right time.

Extended warranty from 2 to 3 years

Prestop also offers an extended warranty. Instead of the standard 2 years, the warranty is extended to 3 years from the date of delivery, which gives Quasi additional security.

Remote support PC for 36 months

In addition to installation, Prestop also offers remote support for a period of 36 months. This means any problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently without needing a technician to be on site.

Eminent 32-inch wall-mounted kiosk for coffee shop
Eminent 32-inch wall-mounted kiosk for coffee shop
Eminent 32-inch wall-mounted kiosk for coffee shop

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