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Hybrid on the show floor for Proviron

Thursday 23 February 2023

In these post-coronation times, the trade show industry seems to be stepping up a gear. Events awaken abruptly from their hibernation and want to get back on track as soon as possible. However, they are finding that visitors have adjusted their expectations. The convenience of online meetings and travel and environment are the new game changers. Not surprisingly, "sustainability" is the most recurring theme.

Not only are organizers looking for greener ways to organize their events, but exhibitors are also incorporating sustainability into their act-de-presence. You can see this in the product range and services, the materials used for the stand, and how they provide information.

Presenting information clearly and attractively has always been one of the basics for a trade show. But should we stick with tons of paper flyers and brochures to convey our message? Or are we already ready to switch entirely to digital information carriers?

According to Yves Vande Velde, marketing manager at Proviron, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. "A lot depends on the target audience. That's why at Proviron, we opt for a hybrid solution. Our visitors can choose whether they request a digital information kit via our kiosk or still choose to take a set of printed leaflets. As much as possible, we promote using the information kiosk on which our flyers are available digitally. Through the handy DIY software solution Omnitaps, we have a robust tool to create custom versions for each trade show. We pull the design of our booth into the kiosk, which then seamlessly connects. The software is simple and intuitive, but we could call on Prestop's services to get up and running quickly. The onboarding training is an individual one-on-one event that gave us an immediate kickstart."

He continues: "Also, for our paper flyers, we reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible through some smart interventions. For example, we choose product flyers in A5 format instead of A4. We replace our general brochures with a handy folder. We only provide the product sheets in which our visitor is interested. But the complete product overview and additional info can be consulted via the QR codes in the folder on our website."

The hybrid information kiosk at Proviron

Proviron is an international company headquartered in Belgium that operates in seven niche chemical markets. The origin of the company name is the contraction of Process and Environment. Since its inception, the company has been committed to sustainable business practices. For years, for example, Proviron has been one of Europe's largest recycled brake fluid processors. Old brake fluid is upgraded and reused in the production process. This has been the cradle-to-cradle story avant la lettre since the 1980s.

De chemische sector is gekend als een zeer innovatieve sector, vooral als je naar de producten en diensten kijkt. Maar als een van de sterkhouders van onze economie, is de digitalisering van de sector nu pas goed op gang gekomen. Beursdeelnames zijn nog steeds een van de efficiëntste manieren om prospectie gesprekken te voeren. Doordat iedereen op een plaats samenkomt, kunnen we onze 'carbon footprint' sterk reduceren vergeleken met internationale prospectie reizen.

But they are going one step further. And also integrate more sustainable solutions at our booth. That's where digitalization comes in. They have a 'digital signage' project running, where we further improve our information provision. We are looking at working with Prestop and their software package Omnitapps.

They are building a hybrid system where we give our visitors the choice of having a digital set of brochures mailed through a kiosk. Or still, opt for printed copies. We reduced the format of our documentation from A4 to A5. And the extensive product catalog was replaced by a summary folder equipped with QR codes that link to the extensive product information on our website. This way, we limit the paper to the necessary use.

A partner in Interactive Digital Signage

At Prestop, we are specialists in various interactive solutions. We are Value Added Manufacturer, which means we can make hardware and software with added value. Based in Son en Breugel, in the middle of the Brainport region, we have served the market with innovative, interactive high-end touch solutions since 1993. Prestop has built up a name in its products' design, production, and installation and can therefore count resounding international brands and a large group of (international) resellers among its customers. We are there for anyone looking for a way to present, activate and interact with the most significant possible impact. Why are we experts in this field? Because we've been at our craft for 30 years now and spare no effort to innovate continuously, prioritizing sustainability and circularity and providing wonder, interaction, and valuable data.

Prestop aims to make touchscreen technology accessible to everyone. We do this by offering both rental and purchase, seeing it as our duty to deliver a solution that meets the customer's needs on more fronts than requested. A customer does not have to ask Prestop if the technology is state-of-the-art, circular, and sustainable. They can automatically assume that. Prestop eliminates transport risks and is less environmentally harmful by producing everything in-house. We also make our touchscreens, which can even be recycled.

This is why Proviron and Prestop are a perfect match. Sustainability plays a vital role in companies. Omnitapps is a software package created by Prestop specifically for use at trade fairs, but now used much more widely worldwide. It is an interactive, digital solution for trade shows, with which beautiful presentations can be created to showcase the company, including brochures. Proviron set up the app using BrochureRequest after training itself. On this, their brochures can be viewed and requested. It is an excellent lead capture app that responds nicely to the need for less paper.

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