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How do you increase customer satisfaction with order kiosks in ice cream parlors?

As an ice cream parlor owner, maintaining customer satisfaction is very important. Customers return when satisfied, and word of mouth is still the best way to attract new customers. One way to increase customer satisfaction is to place order kiosks in the ice cream parlor. In this article, we discuss how order kiosks can help increase customer satisfaction and how best to implement them in your ice cream parlor.

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What are order kiosks and how do they work?

Order kiosks are digital kiosks on which customers can place their own orders. This can be done both via touch screen and payment via pin terminal. The order is sent directly to the kitchen, where it is prepared. Order kiosks are already widely used in the fast food industry, but they can also offer many benefits in ice cream parlors.

Benefits of order kiosks in ice cream parlors

Using order kiosks can help increase customer satisfaction. Below are the main benefits:

  • Faster service: customers no longer have to stand in line to place orders, making service faster.
  • Fewer errors: because customers enter their orders themselves, there is less chance of errors.
  • Increased sales: as the service becomes faster, more customers can be served, and sales can increase.
  • Increased satisfaction: customers like being in control of their own orders. They can calmly look at the offerings and do not have to rush.
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Implementation of order kiosks in your ice cream parlor

If you have decided to implement order kiosks in your ice cream parlor, there are a number of things to consider. Below are the most important points:


Choose the right location

It is important to place order kiosks in the right place in the ice cream parlor. Make sure they are highly visible and that there is enough room for customers to maneuver.

Ensure good communication

Make sure customers are well-informed about how to use the order kiosks. For example, post a sign explaining how to use them and offer assistance placing the order if necessary. Also, ensure staff is well trained to help customers with any problems.


Choose the right software

There are several software programs available for order kiosks. For example, we created a custom ordering application for Domino's Pizza, but we also like to work with our partners Jamezz and Midmid, who have ready-made ordering software. Prestop ensures the program is properly integrated with your POS system and kitchen printer.

Keep ease of use in mind

It is important that order kiosks are easy to use for customers of all ages. Ensure the screen is large enough, the font is easily read, and the menu is laid out clearly. Prestop is happy to help you with this.


Tips for using order kiosks in your ice cream parlor

Once you have implemented order kiosks in your ice cream parlor, here are some tips you can use to optimize their use:

Offer help with problems

Make sure staff are always available to help with problems or questions about using the order kiosks. For example, customers may have difficulty entering an order or making payment. Prestop can provide training to staff so they can easily use the order kiosk.

Promote the use of order kiosks

Stimuleer klanten om gebruik te maken van de bestelzuilen door bijvoorbeeld kortingen of aanbiedingen te geven voor bestellingen via de zuilen. Plaats ook eventueel een bordje met de voordelen van het gebruik van de bestelzuilen.

Collect feedback from customers

Ask customers for feedback on the use of the order kiosks. This can be done, for example, through a survey or by asking them directly about their experiences. This will allow you to discover any problems or areas for improvement and address them.



Implementing order kiosks in your ice cream parlor can contribute to higher customer satisfaction. By allowing customers to place their own orders, service becomes faster, and there are fewer errors. Using order kiosks can also contribute to higher sales and customer satisfaction. However, it is important to think carefully about the implementation and ease of use of order kiosks.


Want a review of our customer Lorenzo Ice Cream Parlor and his experiences with a semi-outdoor order kiosk? Check out the interview below!

PS: some FAQs can be found again below.

Lorenzo ice cream parlor

You can, but remember that it is still important to have sufficient staff to assist and serve customers. Order kiosks are meant to complement service.

The cost of order kiosks can vary by model, software and the features you want. It is important to invest in good quality order kiosks to avoid problems and malfunctions.

That depends on the type of order kiosk and the software you use. Some order kiosks have cash payment capability, while others only accept debit card or mobile payments. Contact Prestop for your options.

Encourage the use of order kiosks by, for example, providing discounts or offers for orders placed through the kiosks and highlighting the benefits of using order kiosks. Also, ensure that order kiosks are easy to use and that customers are well-informed about how to use them.

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