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How do order kiosks provide a shop-in-shop for your e-commerce business?

The era of online shopping has led to tremendous changes in how we store. Most consumers enjoy shopping online because of its flexibility and convenience. But there is an increasing demand for seamless online and offline shopping experience integration. This is where order kiosks come in handy. In this blog post, we will look at how to order kiosks can be used to create a shop-in-shop for your e-commerce business.

What are order kiosks?

Order kiosks are touch screens that allow customers to order and pay for products without the intervention of a salesperson. They are often found in hospitality and retail establishments. The idea is to streamline and speed up the ordering experience, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction. But also to sell long-tail, showroom assortment for home delivery and to find just that different size, color, or version not physically present in the store.

Order kiosks as shop-in-shops

A shop-in-shop is a store located in another store. It can be used to promote and sell a brand or product line, offering customers a different shopping experience. By using order kiosks as shop-in-shops, your e-commerce business can have a physical presence without the expense of having its store.

Benefits of order kiosks as shop-in-shops

  • Cost savings: A physical store can be expensive. Your e-commerce business can save rent, utilities, and employee salaries by using order kiosks as shop-in-shops.
  • Increased sales: a shop-in-shop can lead to an increase in sales. Customers are likelier to buy in a store because they can see and touch the products.
  • More customer interaction: order kiosks can facilitate customer interaction. Customers can ask questions about products, get recommendations and make suggestions.
  • Enhanced brand recognition: Your e-commerce business can improve brand recognition by creating a shop-in-shop. Customers will get to know the brand better and can share their experiences with friends and family.

Personalized Jor Custom clothing through the order kiosk at a SNEAKERS Boutique

Jor Custom is a webshop where you can buy streetwear clothing. From hoodies to sweatshirts and tracksuits to jackets, these are entirely customizable and, from now on, also in a shop-in-shop. For example, the company from Bosche has set up a Prestop ordering kiosk in SNEAKERS Boutique Eindhoven, where customers can take a picture of their sneakers and customize the clothing colors through an on-screen color picker. An innovative way to get interactivity and personalization without needing your store. Check out the demo video below!

Jor Custom shop-in-shop Sneakers


Jor Custom shop-in-shop

How to integrate order kiosks into a shop-in-shop

In addition to personalizing products, There are several ways to integrate order kiosks into a shop-in-shop. Here are a few ideas:

  • Product demonstration: Use order kiosks to give product demonstrations. Allow customers to view and test products on the order kiosk. This can help them better understand what they are buying and can influence their purchase decisions.
  • Placing orders: Allow customers to place orders via the order kiosk. This can be useful for small, busy businesses.
  • Personalization: Order kiosks can be used to make personalized product recommendations. By analyzing a customer's purchase history, order kiosks can recommend products that fit their preferences and needs.
  • Customer Service: Order kiosks can also be used as a customer service tool. Customers can ask questions about products, solve problems and request returns through the order kiosk. This can increase customer satisfaction and reduce employee workload.

Implementation of order kiosks as shop-in-shop

If you want to integrate order kiosks into your shop-in-shop, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Determine location: Choose a strategic location for the order pillar in your shop-in-shop. This should be an area where customers can easily access the order kiosk and where it does not interfere with the usual shopping process.
  2. Create a user-friendly interface: The interface of the order kiosk should be user-friendly and match your e-commerce company's brand. It should be easy for customers to find, order and pay for products.
  3. Provide support: Support customers who need help using the order kiosk. This may be through an employee or a chat or phone service.
  4. Train the staff: Train your staff to help customers use the order kiosk. They need to know how the order kiosk works and how to troubleshoot problems.


Order kiosks are a great way to create a shop-in-shop for your e-commerce business. They can provide customers with a physical shopping experience without the cost of having your store. By integrating order kiosks into your shop-in-shop, you can increase sales, increase customer satisfaction and improve brand recognition.

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