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Eazie will deploy order kiosks in abundance

Monday 10 October 2022
Prestop Eazie order kiosk Luminant

Healthy bestellen bij Eazie

After a careful start, in which the ordering application was fine-tuned, Eazie and the Eazie franchisees (25 branches in total) have started to implement further not only the Luminant order kiosks but also the Evolution counter models in their restaurants. Several restaurants have even chosen to get a second order kiosk or counter model two months after Prestop installed an order kiosk. The great thing about the order kiosk is that they not only chose to light the side with LED in their corporate identity color green but also chose to place a lovely sticker over the entire front of the kiosk.

Prestop Eazie order kiosk counter model Evolution

Sustainable order kiosks

Indeed, this is one of the big pluses of our kiosks. Because we place the monitor behind glass, it is possible to sticker the front. With kiosks where the monitor is built into the front, this is not possible because a gap along the monitor will always be visible. Furthermore, if the monitor model changes and is no longer available, the problem is that the entire kiosk must be modified or rendered unusable. Prestop does not have this problem because it can place multiple types of monitors behind the glass. Even after three years, should the monitor need to be replaced due to its end-of-life, Prestop can upgrade the kiosk.

Because we have a very durable and beautiful product, Eazie has chosen us. And we are proud of this.

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