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Double-sided outdoor kiosk

New outdoor totem with touchscreens at 't Gasthoes in Municipality of Horst aan de Maas

In the Horst aan de Maas municipality, a remarkable addition was recently made to the 't Gasthoes: a unique outdoor kiosk. This custom outdoor totem by Prestop features two touchscreens, an innovative addition to the local landscape.

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Innovative touchscreens for outdoor applications.

The touchscreens on this kiosk are specially designed for outdoor use. They are equipped with high-brightness bonded glass technology and light sensors, making them resistant to direct sunlight and providing optimal brightness at night.

External PCs for controlling content

Interestingly, the PCs for content control are not located in the kiosk itself but are placed internally in a conditioned room. This arrangement uses extenders connected with Cat 6 network cables, covering a distance of more than 30 meters.

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Double-sided arrangement for different users

The unique aspect of this outdoor totem is the fact that there are two touchscreens, placed at different heights. One touchscreen is at adult eye level, while the other 32" touchscreen is at children's eye level. This arrangement is based on the different user needs: adults can use the Omnitapps application to find information about activities and catering at 't Gasthoes, while children can enjoy playful interactive content and games.

Collaboration for realization

Prestop not only customized the outdoor totem, but also delivered the concrete slab and installed the whole thing in collaboration with a construction company. This close cooperation ensured a smooth and professional realization of the project.

Inspiration from the Experience Center

The choice of a double-sided kiosk was inspired by a visit by the Municipality of Horst to our Experience Center. There, two outdoor totems were set up, one of which was double-sided, clearly demonstrating the possibilities and advantages of this innovative solution.

Met deze unieke buitenzuil bij 't Gasthoes biedt de gemeente Horst aan de Maas een modern en interactief informatiepunt voor zowel volwassenen als kinderen, wat bijdraagt aan een verrijking van de openbare ruimte en de beleving van de lokale gemeenschap.

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