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Double-sided outdoor kiosk

Monday 21 June 2021

A unique outdoor column has recently been set up at 't Gasthoes in the municipality of Horst aan de Maas. This fully customized outdoor column has two touchscreens. One screen is located at eye level for adults and the other side of the column has a 32” touchscreen integrated at eye level for children.

The touchscreens are specifically built for outdoor applications. They are so-called high brightness bonded glass touchscreens with light sensors. This means that direct sunlight has no influence on visibility and that the brightness is dimmed in the evening.

Furthermore, the PCs for controlling the content are not located in the columns themselves, but are installed inside a conditioned space. By bridging the distance of more than 30 meters, we use so-called extenders that are connected with Cat 6 network cabling.

The reason that the touchscreens are at two heights has to do with the touch application that is also supplied by Prestop. The touchscreen for the children transfers the information more playfully and they can also play games. This compared to the screen for the adult on which the Omnitapps application runs. They can look up information about what there is to do in the Gasthoes, about what they can eat and drink there, etc.

Naturally, Prestop supplied the concrete slab and installed the column in collaboration with a construction company.

The Municipality of Horst decided on a double column as a result of a visit to our Experience Centre. There are two outdoor columns set up on our outdoor area, one of which is double-sided.

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