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Canteen self-service kiosks from Prestop

Innovation in the canteen

Prestop, in collaboration with Bovertis, recently delivered a number of self-scanning checkouts for a customer. This innovative solution offers numerous benefits for the canteen environment.

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Self-service convenience

The self-checkouts provided are designed to support the complete self-service process. They have a tray shelf, scanner, receipt printer, and pin terminal. This makes it easy for users to place and check out their orders independently.

Reliable ordering software

Bovertis' customer provided its own ordering software, which is seamlessly integrated with Prestop's hardware, ensuring a smooth and reliable ordering process.


Benefits of an SCO

A self-checkout offers several benefits. First, it improves the flow in the canteen by reducing the burden on employees to take orders. In addition, it reduces the risk of errors as customers enter their orders themselves.

User-friendly interface

The self-scanning checkouts feature a user-friendly interface. Customers can quickly and easily place their orders without needing assistance. This saves time and increases efficiency.

Increased customer satisfaction

Using self-scanning checkouts can significantly increase customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate the speed and ease with which they can check out their food and drinks, leading to a better overall experience in the cafeteria.


Order kiosks in the cafeteria are a valuable addition. They offer convenience and efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Thanks to the cooperation between Bovertis and Prestop, companies can benefit from an optimized self-service solution.

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Prestop self-service order kiosk canteen

View the self-service kiosk here

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