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Canna kiosks at event Delta 9 Analytics for coffee shops

Delta 9 Analytics hosted an impressive event featuring three Prestop information kiosks, specially set up to promote their total solution to coffee shop customers. Equipped with advanced software, these kiosks offer a comprehensive look at the various cannabis strains available in coffee shops.

What are canna kiosks?

Canna kiosks are Prestop information kiosks with Delta 9 Analytics software that Delta 9 offers to coffee shops. These kiosks allow customers to view detailed information about the cannabis strains offered, helping them make an informed choice. Delta 9 Analytics itself has one kiosk standard in its showroom, but on the occasion of the event, we loaned two kiosks to Delta 9 so customers could see that there are multiple options.

The benefits of information kiosks in coffee shops

Information kiosks offer numerous benefits to both coffee shops and their customers:

Convenience for customers

Customers can quickly and easily look up information on the different types of cannabis. They can do this at their own pace without experiencing any kind of rush or decision stress.

Efficiency for employees

Employees need to spend less time answering questions, allowing them to focus on other tasks. Examples include preparing orders, restocking inventory and performing administrative tasks.

Increased sales

Providing customers with detailed information can increase sales of specific cannabis strains. Because the entire assortment is displayed on the kiosks, even the often underexposed strains are well represented, which can cause customers to discover new strains.

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Successful event by Delta 9 Analytics

Delta 9 Analytics demonstrated how information kiosks can be used in coffee shops during the event. The demonstration showed how easy it is for customers to browse through the available cannabis strains and read detailed descriptions.

Why choose Delta 9 and Prestop?

Delta 9 Analytics is a trusted reseller of Prestop information kiosks. They offer not only the hardware but also the software that perfectly suits coffee shops' needs. This makes Delta 9 Analytics the ideal partner for coffee shops looking to provide a better experience for their customers.

Watch the video of the event

Wondering how the event went and how to see the information kiosks in action? Then watch the video below for an impression of the capabilities Delta 9 Analytics and Prestop information kiosks offer for coffee shops.

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Video Canna kiosks at event Delta9 Analytics for coffee shops

Delta 9 Analytics continues to innovate, constantly offering new solutions to improve the experience of coffee shop customers. By using Prestop information kiosks, coffee shops can offer their customers a modern and informative shopping experience.


Integrating Prestop information kiosks, Delta 9 Analytics offers a valuable solution for coffee shops. These kiosks improve the customer experience and contribute to more efficient operations and increased sales. Consider implementing this innovative solution in your coffee shop and taking advantage of its many benefits.

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