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C and A elevates omnichannel experience with Prestop's info kiosks

C&A's new strategy and store design

C&A has introduced a new strategy and store design focused on where its customers want it to be. With this approach, it aims to inspire its customers and provide them with a seamless shopping experience in physical stores and online.

The role of Prestop information kiosks

Prestop contributes to this strategy by providing advanced information kiosks. These kiosks allow customers to perform additional store operations, increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing the shopping experience by integrating technology and convenience.

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Information kiosk locations

  • Amsterdam Ferdinand Bolstraat
  • Amsterdam Kinkerstraat
  • Two kiosks in Oostende, Belgium
  • Two kiosks in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium

Functions of the information kiosks

These kiosks allow customers to experience several extras in the stores. Customers can browse the entire C&A collection. If a size is not available, they can view and order women's, men's, baby, and children's fashions. Thus, C&A offers the opportunity to find their style both in-store and online. If an item is not available in the store, it can easily be ordered through the kiosk and delivered to their home.

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Benefits for C&A Members

Customers can also easily join "C&A for You" through the kiosk. This customer program offers members a 10% welcome discount, special offers, and extra discounts during the SALE. On the large screen, filling in small bars on your phone is a thing of the past. Filling in your email and name is now super easy.

User-friendly home screen

Prestop designed the home screen specifically for C&A. This home screen is touchscreen friendly, with clear pictures and legible letters to make navigation a breeze, ensuring customers have quick access to everything C&A offers.


C&A's commitment to improving the customer experience is reinforced by Prestop's innovative information kiosks. This technological advancement makes shopping at C&A more enjoyable and accessible for every customer. The information kiosks offer convenience and efficiency and ensure that customers can always access the entire C&A collection and exclusive offers.

With this omnichannel strategy, C&A continues to lead the retail industry by continuously investing in technology and customer satisfaction. The result is a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience in physical stores and online. As such, C&A remains a favorite destination for fashion-conscious shoppers looking for quality, style, and convenience.

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C&A information kiosks by Prestop
C&A information kiosks by Prestop
C&A information kiosks by Prestop

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