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Buwatec purchases 49-inch kiosk with Omnitapps for trade shows

Buwatec, a leading storage tank and water solutions company, recently announced an exciting new acquisition. They have purchased a 49-inch kiosk from Prestop with Omnitapps software on it. This innovative kiosk will be used at trade shows and events to give customers an interactive and engaging experience and let visitors learn more about the company.

The 49 inch kiosk from Prestop

Prestop's 49-inch kiosk is an advanced interactive display designed to capture the attention of trade show visitors. Its impressive size and clear image quality provide an optimal presentation opportunity for Buwatec. The kiosk is equipped with Omnitapps software, which allows Buwatec to customize the content of the display and add interactive features.

Interactive experience at trade shows

With the new kiosk, Buwatec will be able to engage trade show visitors in a unique and engaging way. They can display interactive presentations, play videos, games and share product information. This allows potential customers to understand Buwatec's products and services better and create a deeper connection with the brand. Last month, Buwatec went to the World Horti Center with this solution.

Prestop 49 inch kiosk with Omnitapps

Omnitapps applications for the trade show

We set up a number of apps for Buwatec. Like the Survey so that visitors can raise their needs and Buwatec gets insight into their requirements. The Form so that visitors can leave their contact information. The Memo Game lets visitors playfully see the different products passing by. The Media Timeline lets visitors view Buwatec's products at their leisure and zoom in on the details. And finally, the Media Swipe so that visitors can see reference photos on the full screen.

Check out screenshots below and request a similar solution yourself. Also: rent is possible!

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Omnitapps Screenshot
Omnitapps Screenshot
Omnitapps Screenshot
Omnitapps Screenshot
Omnitapps Screenshot
Omnitapps Screenshot

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