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Built-in touch screens for Operation Rooms

Customized touchscreens: The new standard in operating rooms

Operating rooms are constantly evolving, and with the recent installation of several customized touchscreens in the Regional Hospital Queen Beatrix Winterswijk and the Rijnstate Hospital Arnhem, a new standard is being set. These 65" and 43" touchscreens, designed and manufactured by Prestop, promise to revolutionize the medical world.

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Unique features for enhanced functionality

What really sets these touchscreens apart is their innovative design. The front of the screens hinges upward, allowing access to a tempered glass plate. This glass plate, almost seamlessly integrated into the special wall, creates its own clean room environment with an interactive Pcap touch film. This unique design not only maximizes screen functionality, but also ensures a hygienic environment in the operating room.

Advanced technology for improved work processes OR

The addition of these touch screens significantly improves work processes in operating rooms. Medical staff benefit from intuitive operation and real-time access to crucial information, which increases the efficiency of procedures and improves the overall quality of patient care.

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A step into the future of healthcare

Installing these customized touchscreens marks an essential step in the ongoing evolution of medical technology. With a focus on innovation and functionality, these touchscreens promise to become the standard in operating rooms worldwide. Their ability to improve work processes and ensure a hygienic environment underscores their crucial role in the future of healthcare.


The emergence of customized touchscreens in operating rooms represents an exciting development in the medical world. With advanced technology and unique design features, these touchscreens offer unparalleled functionality and hygiene, making them an essential part of modern medical facilities.

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