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BAS World rents information kiosks and touch table for trade shows

BAS World sells new and used vehicles and machines. They have over 3,000 of these in stock in Europe's largest Store in Veghel. 

To present themselves at two trade shows, the IAA and BAUMA, they rented a 55-inch touch table with Omnitapps and two 27-inch information kiosks with their webshop.

We talked to Sylvana van den Crommenacker - Gevers, Communication & PR manager, about what their experience was with renting the equipment with software:

A playful, professional and interactive presentation

Why did you rent a touch table with Omnitapps?

The touch table allows us to present BAS World to visitors in a playful, yet professional & interactive way.

Why did you choose an Omnitapps presentation with training?

Due to some personnel changes, no employee was more knowledgeable about the system. Therefore, two colleagues attended the Omnitapps training.

How did setting up the Omnitapps presentation go?

Setting up the presentation was a little difficult at first because the software was not so easy for a beginner to use. Some options were not immediately obvious. By following the Omnitapps training and by trying a lot ourselves, it became easier and easier, and we could set up our presentation the way we envisioned. 

Bas World renting touch table and information kiosks

Showing stocks at the fair

Why did you rent an information kiosk with SiteKiosk?

At basworld.com, (transport) companies can buy and sell their vehicles. Sitekiosk was used to show the stock of trucks, buses and machines.

How did it go at the events with the kiosks, touch table and software?

We find that visitors themselves are not so quick to walk up to the touch table and kiosks, but really need guidance from booth crew. Connecting the equipment and starting it up is easy.

What is your overall experience about renting the equipment and Omnitapps?

Renting the equipment and Omnitapps went well. We received a warm welcome at Prestop and had a tour of Eindhoven, looking at all the options. After that, communication went well and the rental period was handled flexibly.

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