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ASML rents 4 kiosks with headphones during major event

On Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8, 2024, ASML opened its doors. During the open house days, visitors could experience ASML's world up close and choose from many fun activities, tours and information sessions. Prestop contributed to this event by renting out four 24-inch landscape Evolution information kiosks. These kiosks were equipped with a beautiful Omnitapps presentation. Visitors could obtain extensive information about ASML through these kiosks.

Information kiosks with headsets

Five videos were played on the kiosks via a beautiful Omnitapps presentation that Prestop put together for ASML:

  • How is the world of chips organized?
  • How does ASML work together?
  • How does the logistics operation work?
  • Why is a cleanroom clean?
  • An ASML end boss speaking.

Visitors could watch these videos and listen to them using headphones, providing an interactive and in-depth experience. The headphones offered clear sound quality, allowing visitors to hear all the details. In addition, they could adjust the sound level themselves on the screen.

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Rental license Omnitapps

In addition to renting the kiosks, ASML also rented four Omnitapps licenses for this occasion. This saves on costs and is possible from as little as 1 day. Omnivision set up the Omnitapps presentation for ASML with the Omnitapps VideoPlayer app. Ideal for showing videos on a touch screen! ASML only had to supply the content, and we turned it into a ready-to-use interactive presentation.

Plug & play kiosk rental

What was ideal for ASML was that the kiosks were installed by Prestop in the right places. Tested and tested, ASML employees didn't have to worry about turning the kiosks on and off, and since Omnitapps runs completely offline, ASML only had to prepare a four-way power connection.

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Proud of our contribution to the ASML Event

At Prestop, we are proud of the positive feedback we received for our contribution to the ASML open house. Our information kiosks with Omnitapps presentations and headsets provided an engaging and informative experience. The successful collaboration with ASML highlights the value of innovative solutions in events and education.

We look forward to future collaborations and new opportunities to share our knowledge and expertise with a wider audience.

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screenshot ASML videos Omnitapps open house days 2024
screenshot ASML videos Omnitapps open house days 2024
screenshot ASML videos Omnitapps open house days 2024
screenshot ASML videos Omnitapps open house days 2024
screenshot ASML videos Omnitapps open house days 2024
Prestop information kiosks for ASML with Omnitapps

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